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Im Rahmen unserer Berichterstattung zur kommenden Vertigo Europatournee haben wir Euch die Kaiser Chiefs als eine der Vorgruppen von U2 bereits vorgestellt. In Berlin hatten wir jetzt auch noch die Chance die Band zu interviewen und zu U2 und ihren Erwartungen zu befragen. Lest das Interview hier (klicken) nach (inkl. Gewinnspiel), in englischer Originalversion ist es hier zu lesen

Und für unsere englischsprachigen Besucher gibt es das Interview auch im Original nachzulesen: U2tour.de took the opportunity and spoke to the Kaiser Chiefs keyboarder Nick "Peanut" Baines before their gig in Berlin. U2tour.de: The visitors to our website are all big U2 fans, what would be the reason for them to buy your album? A: U2 have a great back catalogue of albums, they write great songs and we write great songs, too. Our songs are catchy and memorable. They are popsongs, but with a certain edge to it. Not squeezy-easy clean pop songs. U2 fans are music lovers and we hope to convert some of them and make them U2 AND Kaiser Chief fans. Q: What are the reactions on your current tour through Germany? A: The reactions have really been great so far. We started off in Amsterdam and it was Queens Day and everybody was on the streets and having a good time. We didn't know what to expect as this is our first time in mainland Europe. Of course we are big in the UK and also doing great in the States. We did the show in the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam and there were about a thousand people there. And afterwards literally everyone came up to us and said ‘that really was an amazing gig’ despite the fact that we didn't really think so. We struggled a bit, but that led us to try even harder and it did the trick. And then it was off to Hamburg, to a smaller place called Logo, and again it was really cool. Mainly because it was so upfront. Recently we played a lot of gigs where there were like 5 to 8 meters between us on stage and the audience. But in Hamburg people were nearly standing on stage, right in front of us. And it was really hot and sweaty and that made it a really good gig. Already two songs into the show our cloth were completely wet, but we really enjoyed it. And now we are looking forward to tonight’s show in Berlin, may it be even better! Q: Isn't it weird playing to an audience who hardly know your songs as your album is only going to be released in august here in Germany? A: Yes, it is indeed. Because in the UK our tour is sold out because of the massive response to our album. And you sometimes wonder how so many people are singing along to your songs when the album is not even out yet. But they might have gotten it from friends in England or bought some over the internet. People seem to be keen to know the songs which is a good sign for us. Maybe they also heard ‘Oh my God’ or ‘I predict a riot’ over the radio and then downloaded them via iTunes, which is a great possibility. So it’s a bit challenging, but it’s great as long as people are having a good time. And we certainly do. Q: So what does that feel like: tonight you are playing to maybe 500 people, the next time you are in Berlin you will be in front of 70.000 people… A: (looks a bit shocked) Yeah… that’s right, that’s in July, isn't it? So 70.000 people it is then… (sighs). Well, we are the first band to play, so maybe there will be around 35.000 people at that time. (stops again, looks a bit worried). The biggest place we played so far has been in front of maybe 6000 people. Actually it does make me quite nervous, even now. We will just try to play as good as we can, play a show as good as we can and face that challenge. And I am sure we will all have a good time. Q: How did you hear about becoming U2s support band? A: Through our management, they told us and we felt very honored because we know that U2 handpick their support acts. So they must have heard about us and must have liked our music. That’s really a compliment, we like that really a lot. It will be great to be out there with them. Q: U2 fans are generally very sceptical about support bands. Even acts like Pearl Jam have a really hard time when supporting U2. So are you also a bit scared? A: Well, on the one hand you always have doubts but then you also always have confidence. And we do have confidence in what we do. But of course the doubt is what makes you nervous. But that’s always the fact when you go on tour. And you ask yourself: ‘will they like us’? But I'm sure they will, we will not give them an option! But keep your fingers crossed! Q: There is such a big hype around the Kaiser Chiefs at the moment. Do you experience that as a big pressure or are you even prouder when you hear these reviews? A: The very word hype means that there is a lot being said about you, but you have nothing to back it up: hyperbal. But with the live shows we do we have something to back it up. So it’s not just the talk about ‘you will be the next big thing’ of which I do get tired sometimes. I'm more worried about people who talk a lot and there is nothing behind it. But we have worked a long time and we have especially worked a long time to get to this point in our careers. And we will not allow somebody to take this away from us. Q: That does go in line with the fact that it did take quite some time for you to get where you are now, that there was an unsuccessful time before the Kaiser Chiefs… A: Yes we have been in previous bands, working with previous people and it was always a process of learning. And if we wouldn't be the Kaiser Chiefs as we are but a young band called the Kaiser Chiefs without any experience, it would be a lot harder. We have learned many lessons, played so many gigs in front of a few people – all these things make us quite assured of what we do and what we want. It makes a difference if you’re in a band for five years or just five months. You just get certain things working and know how to proceed with them. Q: U2 fans are sometimes wondering if Bono is more a singer or more a politician. Does your music have a political message? A: Well, our album is a lot about lyrics. That’s why we also included the lyrics in the sleeve, because I like it when people can read them, that’s very important to me. But when we write the lyrics it’s more of a feeling at that time, about what we feel and what we do. If we have money or not and so on. And people can read into these lyrics whatever they like. And of course there are bands like U2 and Bono specifically who can have a political impact, but theres only a few – and most certainly we are not amongst those yet. I really don't like bands of our size to issue a press statement and try to have a political impact. Most of them just want the media coverage and that’s it. And often it’s not really that you have anything to say, but you are just using the chance because you can reach a lot people. You shouldn't use your power in the wrong way, but U2 do it quite tactfully and really well. Q: Did U2 have any musical influence on you and your music? A: To be honest with you I didn't really listen to much U2 before, but I have their back catalogue on my iPod and listen to them now and then. And it’s just amazing: when you listen to the Joshua Tree for example and you have the first three songs, Where The Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and With Or Without You and they are all hits and fantastic songs too. And as a kid I of course heard these songs on the radio and hummed along, not really knowing who they were. It is a bit like being a baby, there are songs that are so catchy even a baby can hum along, so there must be something about these songs. U2 really know how to write good songs and they do it for such a long time now. I just don't know how they pick their setlist, they have so many good songs, which ones are they taking? They must aks themselves every night: which hit do we leave out tonight? So I am really, really looking forward to seeing them live. I have never seen them live before, I just bought the Slane Castle DVD and it’s amazing. I am having goose bumps now when I think of the tour… Interview: Björn Lampe for U2tour.de (c) 2005.

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