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The Joshua Tree National Park is one of the many national parks in the USA’s West. Famous (to U2 fans) because of the album of the same name,'The Joshua Tree'. In December 1986 a number of photos were taken here for the new album. Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn had abducted U2 into the desert to shoot some breath-taking pictures. In the expectation that deserts are usually rather hot places, U2 packed several bottles of sun lotion to avoid sun burn. Red noses they got anyway – yet, in contrast to popular wisdom, because of the cold! Or so the tale goes, recalled by Adam in an interview with Propaganda 1997.

The band about the Joshua Tree, and how the photo shoot came about:
"Tell me about the desert shoot - how did you find the Joshua Tree?" "I still don't know where that Joshua Tree is, we just spotted it by the roadside. Anton Corbijn, our photographer, was the first to see it, so he called "stop the bus" and went racing across the desert. The thing is though, Anton is Dutch and speaks with an accent, so he has quite a curious way of pronouncing "Joshua Tree", he kinds of says "Yoshua Tree", and this became a quite funny thing - we were all talking about "Yoshua Trees", so there was a bit of sense humour involved in calling the album The Joshua Tree, as well as for the more serious reasons. When we took the photographs, we thought it was a very powerful visual graphic image. We then drove off, and I don't know if we'll ever find that Joshua Tree again." Bono, Propaganda No. 5, The Joshua Tree

Unfortunately THE Joshua Tree no longer exists. It was located in the , which is actually NOT (!) in the Joshua Tree NP, and in October 2002 died of old age (more than 200 years).

The coordinates to the former place of the tree are: N36 19.851 W117 44.715


Californiakarte Nr. 3 | 2 car hours from Los Angeles western direction (Highway 10). Past Palm Springs one gets further into the desert. From there the National Park can be accessed from two sides.


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