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. American Ireland Fund: Video, Audio, Fotos
» American Ireland Fund: Video, Audio, Fotos 27.03.2003 American Ireland Fund: Video, Audio, Fotos Am 17. März wurde Bono vom American Ireland Fund (AIF) mit dem Humanitarian Award ausgezeichnet (siehe News vom 18.03.2003 ). Diese Ehrung fand im Rahmen einer Gala im 'National Building Museum' (Washington DC) statt. Bono hat diese Auszeichnung für seine... [100.00% - 21.7kb]

. Photos zu ersteigern für den 'African Well Fund', U2 V...
für den 'African Well Fund' News Navigation --> News Meldungen · Aktuelle Meldungen · Volltextsuche / Archiv · U2 Newsletter Archiv News Bereiche: · Allgemeine News · Beyond The Edge · Elevation Tour · HTDAAB Album · Tour 2002 · Tour Gerüchte · U2 Releases · U2 Tickets · U2 Vertigo Tour · U2tour.de Intern U2 Newsletter · Abo bestellen · Newsletter Archiv « zurück | weiter » Photos zu ersteigern für den 'African Well Fund' Ab sofort können Photos von U2 zugunsten des... [79.92% - 24.9kb]

. Paul McGuinness auf der MIDEM
excitement about advertising-funded deals. But the record companies must gain our trust to share fairly the revenues they will gain from advertising. Historically they have not been good at transparency. Let’s never forget the great CD scam of the 80s when the majors tried to halve the royalties of records released on CD claiming that they needed this extra margin to develop the new technology even as they were entering the great boom years that the CD delivered. It’s ironic that at a time... [53.41% - 46.1kb]

. Bono zu Gast bei CNN's Larry King - Transcript
involved in the global fund?" You know, we want them to spend more on the global fund. And he's always been challenging us back, "Get the private sector to do it." So, we went onboard Air Force One, showed him these products, said we want to see him out jogging wearing his Gap tee shirt, you know. SHRIVER: There you go, Larry. We're going to have him with -- he's not going to wear "Desired" probably. He'll wear "Inspired." Or, what was the other one, "Perspired." Maybe we'll have him... [26.51% - 58.0kb]

. 'World Peace Concert' geplant
educational scholarship fund for children and spouses of victims of terrorist acts. The Concert For Peace in Bali is produced by music industry veterans Jay Coleman and Matt Taylor. The worldwide satellite broadcast will be directed by Dick Curruthers (Elton John, Aerosmith, The Who, Rolling Stones) and stage design will be created by Mark Fisher (Rolling Stones, U2). At this time the producers of this magnificent show are accepting solicitation for the exclusive TV rights for regional... [23.29% - 25.2kb]

. "100% des Gewinnes der (red) Zone Tickets werden gespendet"
(red) Produkten dem Global Fund zur Verfügung stellt, die sich um die Bekämpfung von Aids, Tuberkolose und Malaria in Afrika kümmern. Man geht von geschätzten EUR 9 Mio aus, die aus diesen Ticketverkäufen zu großen Teilen an Global Fund , sowie weitere Hilfsorganisationen gehen. Rockers U2 will donate an estimated €9m of their summer tour profits to charity, it was revealed last night.U2 to give €9m of tour profits to charity The artists will give away 100pc of their income from VIP... [19.68% - 24.4kb]

. Bono fordert George W. Bush zum Krieg gegen AIDS auf, ...
efforts would not go without funding. We can. Prudent investments through targeted bilateral aid and the Global fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are saving and transforming lives based on what works: prevention, treatment and care. See Uganda, Senegal, Zambia. Failure to invest now will leave us with a moral deficit and our children with the consequences of a global security deficit. I recently traveled America's Midwest talking about AIDS. In the heart of America we felt the... [19.68% - 30.5kb]

. For Love Or Money?
director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria, says RED has transformed the charity's prospects of getting money from the private sector. In 2006, the RED program had raised $11.3 million for the Fund, says spokeswoman for the Global Fund Rosie Vanek. About $6.25 million was given to Rwanda's Ministry of Health and $5.05 million to the Swaziland government's National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS. ``I've no doubt that within three or four years we could be... [16.47% - 46.6kb]

. U2 spenden 200.000 Euro für 'Songs from an empty room'
Stage Technicians Hardship Fund. Mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Verweise sind sogenannte Provision-Links (Affiliate-Links). Wenn du über einen solchen Verweisklick einen Einkauf tätigst, bekommen wir von deinem Einkauf eine Provision. Für dich verändert sich der Preis nicht. Weitere U2 News ... [13.25% - 22.7kb]

. New Yorkers Against Violence - Fotobuch
Foundation (September 11th Fund) www.nywf.org focused on providing support to low-income women. We would like to thank David Raccuglia for putting together this book documenting the "New Yorkers Against Violence" concert, and his generous contributions to: The New York Association for New Americans, The New York Women's Foundation (September 11th Fund) and The Milarepa Fund. Beastie Boys and The Milarepa Fund would also like to thank all the artists, speakers and other people who gave so... [13.25% - 27.4kb]

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