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U2 News » Das Ei des Kolumbus? oder: Wie man in das Ei kommt.....

u2.com erklärt, wie man in das Ei (oder Ellipse) kommt. Zumindest galt das bei den ersten beiden Shows in den USA so, ob das auch in Europa in die Stadien kommen wird, ist mehr als fraglich! Auf jeden Fall wird empfohlen, seine u2.com Membership-Card mitzunehmen. Gepriesen (neben den Skifahrern) sind die, die diese bereits bei ebay versteigert haben....

The ‘Elipse’ … And How To Get A Place The elipse, the heart, the circle, the ‘Vertigo Club’ in front of the stage – here’s how to get in. Last night in San Diego we successfully piloted a new system aimed at creating a fairer way for fans to gain entry into the area in front of the stage (the ‘elipse’, which is the equivalent to the ‘heart’ area on the Elevation Tour). We understand there was a little bit of confusion as to how it works. Let us explain. People who bought their GA tickets in the U2.Com presale LINE UP IN ONE SPECIFIC AREA, people who bought their GA tickets in the general sale LINE UP IN A SEPARATE AREA. As you enter, a ticket scanner randomly selects from the two lines those who gain entrance to the elipse. The system was a big success last night, with lots of you telling us that it was much fairer – for example it does not penalise people who have to work in the daytime and cannot get to the show hours beforehand to get in line. The new system means that being first in the queue does not guarantee access to the elipse as on previous tours. Sorry if any of you had plans to camp days ahead of any of the shows - being first in line guarantees nothing. Chat about the new system here "Last time around I queued from six am but still never got in the heart,’ said Al Schooling from Alta Loma. ‘This time I came just before the show and I’m in! I can’t believe it!’ As the new system was successful, we are going to continue it for the foreseeable future. Here’s the small print on entrance to the elipse: 1) All General Admission Tickets holders enter though a designated entry point 2) All General Admission ticket holders will be asked to form two lines at this entry point: a. U2.Com Presale floor Ticket purchasers b. General Public Floor Ticket Purchasers 3) Venue staff will explain to fans the wrist banding procedure that they will encounter upon entering: a. All floor ticket holders will receive a wristband upon entry b. There is an enclosed Elipse area similar to Elevation Tour "heart” c. Selection will be on a random basis using a computer ticket scanner that verifies the tickets and by a random numerical process, selects tickets for the Ellipse d. Each ticket selected for the Elipse will enable both the ticket holder and their companion accompanying them into the Elipse. e. Each selected ticket and that of their companion will be stamped upon selection and they will be directed to the Elipse wrist banding station. f. Random selection will continue for the full capacity of the floor. (From the first person arriving to the last person arriving, everyone will have an equal opportunity to enter the Ellipse) g. The wristbands will provide reentry privileges to their respective areas 4) Those that do not get selected will be instructed to proceed directly to the floor.

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