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Garbage´s Shirley und ihre Eindrücke zu U2

Shirley Manson, die Frontfrau von Garbage hat in ihrem Online Tagebuch erstmals über die Zeit mit U2 erzählt. Garbage waren bei den ersten Shows des dritten Teils der Elevation Tour Support Act für U2. So meint Manson im Diary: "Have I mentioned already how incredible the U2 show is? It's weird.........don't know if it's the way everyone is feeling following the World Trade Centre disaster or what but the atmosphere at these shows have been insanely intense. Bono just has such an incredible ability to harness the crowd's energy and feed it straight back to them, resulting in what seems like communal ecstasy.I've never seen anything quite like it. Our Bono is indeed a mighty force. He walks into a room and all the air gets sucked right out. He is completely magnetic....." - Auf der Homepage von Garbage befinden sich auch noch andere Diary Einträge von Shirley zur Tour mit U2.

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