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. Kommentar von Edge zu den Glasgow Shows
if we hadn't played in Scotland. [...] The Scots would have marched on Dublin and strung us up [...] I know the Scots would never forgive us if we didn't play there. There was no way we could miss out Scotland. [...] We always wanted to play in Glasgow. It just took us a while to sort it out. Maybe we shouldn't have left it so long but, because of Bono's dad's health, we had to wait. " Vorgruppe für die beiden Shows in Glasgow wird übrigens die Band "Cosmic Rough Riders " sein. ... [100.00% - 21.3kb]

. 20 Jahre U2tour.de / 20 years U2tour.de (news also in English)
Berlin with "December" from Scotland) our warm-up parties were able to get the fans in the right mood for the concert the following day. In addition, there were many more events in Vienna (2010 - 10 years U2tour.de and concert warm-up), Düsseldorf (2006 - 5 years U2tour.de & 2009 - "No Line On The Horizon" release party), in Nuremberg (2008 - U23D Preview) and in Hanover (2010 - 10 years U2tour.de and concert warm-up). You can find pictures of some of these events here. John (right) from... [50.00% - 46.8kb]

. Zusätzliche Europa Konzerte in Glasgow
[...] U2 love playing in Scotland - the audiences there are legendary. " Nachtrag: Die Tickets waren alle wie bei den anderen Shows innerhalb von einer Stunde verkauft. http://www.u2.com/homepage/news230801.html News geschrieben von Daniel am 23.08.2001 um 17:34 Uhr | Elevation Tour | Kommentar ? ... [50.00% - 21.1kb]

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