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. U2 - Songs Of Innocence - Review
), is light and poppy – easy listening for long car journeys, sunny country roads, and heavy rotation on radio stations. Many fans aren’t all too pleased. No depth and too artificial, is an often-heard verdict. Still, with every repeat listening California is more fun, full of euphoria about the discovery of a hitherto unknown, utopian world (geographically, spiritually and musically). Complemented by Edge’s refreshing guitar solo, and the obligatory ohohohs , Bono’s chorus over and over... [100.00% - 58.2kb]

. Winter - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
in me no more Oooh Listening to the cries The strangers The silence of the foreign grave Listening to the thunder The sky is strange Stretched over everyone Listening to the tales The child sings That goes for days and days Listening to the calls Shouts, frustration At twenty-one I was born a son And on that day I knew I could kill To protect the ones We put bullets in guns Or anything it takes To take a life until it's still Alle Songs mit diesem... [68.29% - 16.0kb]

. Songs Of Experience Promotour USA
HIER ansehen. Listening Session Los Angeles: Eine Reihe glücklicher Gewinner eines Radiogewinnspiels dürfen sich am 27.11. "Songs Of Experience" anhören. Und das Beste: U2 werden dabei sein und für Gespräche und Fotos bereit stehen. Jimmy Kimmel: Im Rahmen seiner Arbeit für (RED) ist Bono am 28.11. Gast in der Fernsehshow von Jimmy Kimmel. Listening Session New York: Am 29.11. (siehe Listening Session Los Angeles) Saturday Night Live: Am... [58.54% - 22.3kb]

. Hall Of Fame Clip und Berichte
and God himself, if he was listening. It's man's accountability, and U2 belongs on this list. It was the early '80s. I went with Pete Townshend, who always wanted to catch the first whiff of those about to unseat us, to a club in London. There they were: a young Bono (single-handedly pioneering the Irish mullet), the Edge (what kind of name was that?), Adam and Larry -- I was listening to the last band of whom I would be able to name all of its members. They had an exciting show and a big,... [39.02% - 45.5kb]

. 40 Jahre BOY
to it. Holding the cover and listening to the album is perfect." (Bono, zitiert aus U2 SONGS + EXPERIENCE von Niall Stokes) U2 Erstlingswerk wurde von Juli bis September 1980 in den ehrwürdigen Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin aufgenommen und erschien am 20. Oktober auf Island Records. Vorangegangen war lediglich die EP Three, auf der zwei kommende Boy Titel, Out Of Control und Stories For Boys, bereits veröffentlicht wurden. Insgesamt fanden 11 Titel ihren Weg auf U2's... [19.51% - 25.8kb]

. Q&A mit Bono und The Edge in der U2!
music you are currently like listening to? And which band have the most influence on U2 and their music? A (Bono): I really, really love the new Royal Blood. That's really great. There's the Imelda May album with a beautiful song called "Black Tears" which is really stunning. There's Kendrick Lamar, I guess that's obvious. I think Jay-Z has done an amazing job because he's trying to re-imagine what it is to be a man. You know, we come from a different kind of macho. The Irish macho is... [19.51% - 40.9kb]

. Interview with Anton Corbijn
On the flight there I was listening to 'October' and it really wasn`t my cup of tea. So I wanted to take some pictures, hear a few songs and they go to the city and have a look at it. What I didn`t realise was that the concert took place on a boat that went onto the Mississippi once the concert started. So I was forced to stay on the boat and listen to them… Björn: So which period of time with the band do you like most - from an artistic point of view? Anton: The most... [19.51% - 35.2kb]

. Interview mit Dallas Schoo
way home, but the trio I'm listening to are their techs, Dallas Schoo, Stuart Morgan and Sam O' Sullivan,respectively.Still, it's uncanny how much they sound like their bosses. Schoo switches guitars and tweaks some settings on Edge's pedalboard. A few more guitar changes - a Rickenbacker, a Music Rising Les Paul, a black Stratocaster - and song snatches follow (bits of Ticket To Ride, TheRolling Stones' Angie and - WTF? - Stairway To Heaven).Then Schoo sees me and waves me up on stage. The... [19.51% - 51.7kb]

. U2 History 2010 - Bandgeschichte
verbringt im Rahmen einer "Listening and Learning" Reise gemeinsam mit Mitgliedern der ONE Campaign 10 Tage in Afrika (09.-18. März). Auch Adam ist vor Ort. Neben Besuchen in Schulen, Krankenhäusern und Künstlern steht auch Treffen Armando Guebuza, dem Präsidenten von Mozambique auf dem Programm. Bonos Gruppe isst am Abend in einem örtlichen Pub, wo Bono den lokalen Sänger Xavier Machiana bei dem Song "With Or Without You" unterstützt. U2.com bestätigt die Vorgruppen für die europäischen... [19.51% - 35.2kb]

. U2 - Songs Of Innocence - Review
und poppig – Easy Listening für lange Autofahrten auf endlosen, sonnendurchfluteten Landstraßen, gleichzeitig prädestiniert als Single für die Heavy Rotation eines beliebigen Kommerzradiosenders. Wenige Tage nach dem Release von Songs Of Innocence wird California in Fankreisen vergleichsweise stiefmütterlich behandelt: zu wenig Tiefgang und zu viel Aufgesetztheit lautet der mehrheitliche Tenor. Trotzdem macht California mit jedem Hören mehr Spaß und versprüht die Euphorie über... [19.51% - 44.3kb]

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