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. U2 Singles von 1979 - 1989 - Maxi CD, Vinyl
Die Version hat ein längeres Intro und Gitarren Solo. Auch der B-Side Song "4th Of July" ist länger als auf dem Album. [ mehr ] 40 Diese Single wurde nur in Deutschland veröffentlicht, wohl auf Grund des großen Erfolges beim Konzert auf der Loreley 1983. Als B-Side befindet sich "Two Hearts Beat As One" vom "War" Album auf der Single. [ mehr ] Sunday Bloody Sunday Diese Single wurde in Europa veröffentlicht, als auch 'Two Hearts Beat as One' in UK, US,... [100.00% - 30.3kb]

. Rehearsals in Chicago: Freitag
City Of Blinding Lights' intro; band then stop and have a discussion on stage - Elevation's intro - Your Blue Room again, more than one take - One from last verse, then Bono sang an Amazing Grace snippet - Where The Streets Have No Name - One from last verse again - Amazing Grace snippet again after One, led into Streets' intro - Your Blue Room another couple of times - Edge started Unknown Caller's intro but was cut off; Bono thanked the neighbourhood. Mit Sternchen (*)... [55.64% - 21.3kb]

. Rehearsals für die eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour haben begonnen
folgten ein unbekannter Intro Song, Lights Of Home und The Blackout. Doch damit nicht genug. Eine lange Pause später wurde zum zweiten Mal seit der Ankunft in Laval ein komplettes Set mit folgenden Songs geprobt: unbekannter Intro Song The Blackout Lights Of Home Beautiful Day I will follow The Ocean Iris Cedarwood Road Song... [36.84% - 42.9kb]

. U2 360° At The Rose Bowl = DVD = Blu-ray = Review
newly cut opening with intro 'Kingdom', followed by 'Get On Your Boots', works better than feared by many fans, even though it cannot quite match the choreography and atmosphere of 'Breathe'. It clearly makes the opening more powerful, which for people who haven't seen the tour live probably works better, but for the rest of us still comes as a bit of a disappointment. The next three songs ('Magnificent', 'Mysterious Ways' und 'Beautiful Day') are solid, but real audience... [31.58% - 56.8kb]

. Weitere Tourproben - Spoiler
(band fooled around with intro) Stuck in a Moment (Bono and Edge keys only) Yahweh (very rough version Bono and Edge guitar only) One Where the Streets Have No Name Gloria Running to Stand Still (full version - Edge piano, no harmonica) Zoo Station (with weird voiceover intro) Vertigo (w/ Stories For Boys verse and 4-5sec gaps before each chorus)(tonight was very fast and ragged, it must have been a long day) All Because of You Sunday, Bloody Sunday (full band - original key, stopped after... [24.81% - 21.4kb]

. DVD U2 - Zoo TV Live From Sydney
never change » The ZooTV intro to the shows and Bono’s appearance on stage were the best ever » In contrast to some video releases in Germany, the burning swastikas during ‘Bullet’ are not blurred. Picture To begin with, no editing or picture changes of the concert recording have been made in comparison to the video release – this is shown by a direct comparison of a digitalised version of the video release and the DVD pictures. On the left you can see the DVD... [24.81% - 63.3kb]

. Lovetown - First Night On Earth
Konzertes gibt es hier . Intro Where The Streets Have No Name I Will Follow Gone Last Night On Earth I Still Haven´t Found What I´m Looking for Heartland Who´s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses One / Unchained Melody God Part II / Desire Silver and Gold Exit / Smells Like Teen Spirit In God´s Country Angel of Harlem A Sort Of Homecoming All I Want Is You Bad Party Girl Bullet The Blue Sky Please Sunday Bloody Sunday The Cry / The Electric Co. Van Diemen´s Land Trip Through Your Wires Walk... [18.05% - 22.0kb]

. DVD U2 Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago
in one scene while the intro-riff is already starting; next thing you know Edge is standing in front of the microphone. - During 'Elevation' you see (at least once clearly!) that picture and sound don't match! Min:sec 13:52 - 13:54 - You hear Bono singing the 'Elevation' intro, but not so in the cut. The video format is 16:9. The Sound The DVD is again released in 3 different sound formats: PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. A... [18.05% - 162.5kb]

. Interview mit Dallas Schoo
same compression. You can't introduce compression with speakers that don't have mileage on them.Edge calls it 'sparkle' - toppiness."Think about the sound he gets from his Strat on Where The Streets Have No Name, that crystal-like sound. That's what 'sparkle' is. It's a special sound you can get from a speaker, and the only way to get it, if the speaker's right, is when it has some mileage on it, when it'sbeen used."I guess it goes without saying that Edge's AC30 is akin to Clapton's Blackie.... [18.05% - 50.8kb]

. Ein erster Blick auf die remastered "The Unforgettable Fire" CDs - ...
ist. Powervoll dauert das Intro wesentlich länger, als in der Originalversion. Ein paar unterschiedliche Passagen und Verzerrer in Bonos Stimme - gefällige Version.A Sort Of Homecoming (Daniel Lanois Remix) Bitte nicht lachen! Nein. Stop. Aufhören. Ich suche noch nach dem Musical, woher in das Intro kenne. Hinweise bitte an didi at u2tour.de. So, fertig mit Lachen. Schluss!!!Daniel wollte einen Versuch starten, um aus dem Song eine Single-Version zu zaubern. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt steckte er... [12.03% - 27.8kb]

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