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In einem Bericht zum neuen U2-Album, welcher sich in der aktuellen Ausgabe des englischen Q-Magazins findet, wird berichtet, dass es derzeit noch unklar sei, ob das Album noch vor oder erst nach Weihnachten (und mithin erst 2009) erscheinen wird. Dies deckt sich mit Informationen aus dem Umfeld der Band, dass es kürzlich offenbar doch noch weitere Studio-Sessions in Südfrankreich gegeben hat. Angeblich sind U2 mit einigen Tracks noch nicht 100 prozentig zufrieden. Weitere Informationen zum neuen Album findet ihr auf unserer Aktuell-Seite. Es bleibt uns derzeit also nichts anderes übrig als abzuwarten und (irischen) Tee zu trinken. Diskutiert darüber auch in unserem U2-Forum.

In the Studio: U2

Title: TBC | Expected: TBC
Q magazine
, September 01, 2008, Tom Doyle

As if to spotlight the pace with which U2 are close to completing their as-yet-untitled 12th album, Q's
phone call to Edge is delayed by half an hour while he lays down an
acoustic guitar overdub at the quartet's Dublin studio on a new song
called "Get On Your Boots."

"Then we can put the mix to bed," the guitarist sighs with
satisfaction. So this album is being completed as we speak? "Yeah. It's
happening live in real time. It's totally frantic."

Having effectively abandoned their initial plan to work with Rick Rubin
(although some material has survived), U2 took the unusual move of
bringing in their long-time producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois as
co-writers early on. "We thought, If we're all writing together we'll
get more stuff and it'll be a more fruitful use of time," Edge says.

Experimental writing sessions held last year in Fez, Morocca, yielded
numerous new songs. Some -- with the introduction of local musicians --
bear a distinctly North African flavour. A visit to the World Sacred
Music Festival enhanced what Edge calls the "religious-sounding" tone
of a few of the tracks. "But we don't want to be musical tourists," the
guitarist states. "We came back with a certain flavour and influence of
that trip and a sense of freedom."

As time went on, the music grew ever more diverse and spontaneous. "We
wanted to give it some variety," Edge says. "There is some dark, heavy
stuff but there are also some lighter things. Some we've really had to
sweat to get and some just came so easily." Work-in-progress highlights
include "f--k-off live rocker" "Breathe"; "For Your Love," which Edge
says is one of his best-ever riffs; and the aforementioned "Get On Your
Boots" ("Eddie Cochran with barbershop harmonies").

Other notable tracks include the eight-minute-long "Moment of
Surrender" and "No Line on the Horizon," inspired by a distortion box
called Death By Audio recommended by ex-Secret Machines guitarist Ben

Opinion is currently divided as to whether the album will make a pre-
or post-Christmas release. Anticipation couldn't be higher, however,
with mixer Steve Lillywhite having already proclaimed the record "their
best yet."

"Trying to weave it all together into a coherent collection is the
challenge," Edge admits. "But, yeah, it has the potential to be our

© Q magazine, 2008.

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