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Wie die britische Zeitung Daily Record heute berichtet, wird in London gerade ein Konzert geplant, bei dem zahlreiche britische Stars gegen die Kriegspolitik von Tony Blair protestieren wollen. Neben der Band Travis, die die Veranstaltung mitorganisiert, sollen bereits Coldplay, Stereophonics und Ms Dynamite zugesagt haben. Mit Zusagen weiterer Top Acts wird gerechnet, sobald die Veranstaltung genehmigt ist, so wurde u.a. bei U2, REM, Robbie Williams und Kylie Minogue angefragt. Das Konzert soll am 16. März in London stattfinden. Die Veranstalter rechnen mit einem riesigen Zulauf und hoffen, dass es das größte Konzert überhaupt wird - größer als Live Aid. Als Veranstaltungsort hoffen sie auf den Hyde Park, wo über 500.000 Menschen zusammenkommen könnten. Es ist jedoch unklar, ob es hierfür eine Genehmigung geben wird, eine Alternative wäre der deutlich kleinere Millennium Dome. Ob das Konzert wirklich so kurzfristig zustande kommt und ob U2 daran teilnehmen werden, erfahrt Ihr demnächst bei uns.

Daily Record PEACE AID GIG Feb 24 2003 Scots rockers Travis lead the way in plans for anti-war concert Gary O Shea SOME OF Britain's biggest music stars of have vowed to rock Tony Blair's war policy with a massive concert. The artists, led by Scots band Travis, are planning a peace show that could be the world's biggest-ever gig. Travis singer Fran Healy has asked U2, REM and Kylie Minogue to join the protest gig, which organisers want to hold in front of an audience of 500,000 in London's Hyde Park. Brit award winners Coldplay have already pledged to play, along with Stereophonics and Ms Dynamite. The bigger acts will follow once a venue is confirmed, organisers say. Healy, who hopes to stage the event on March 16, is backed by Glastonbury Festival organiser Emily Eavis. She said: "We want this to be the biggest concert ever. It's got to be huge - bigger than Live Aid. "We've spoken to Kylie and she's really enthusiastic. Robbie Williams and a host of other big acts have also been approached. "We're trying to get a venue that will be big enough. The ideal venue is Hyde Park but we're unsure if we can get permission for a huge crowd there again so soon after the peace march on February 15." If the Royal Parks Agency block Hyde Park, Healy will try for a smaller bash at the Millennium Dome, which can hold 35,000. English Partnerships, who own the Dome land, are considering an application. However, they are the Government's regeneration agency and there are fears they will not give the green light to a protest. Emily Eavis said: "I think after all the negative publicity the Millennium Dome has had, it would be fantastic to have something as positive as this take place there." A concert featuring the world's biggest acts would turn the heat up further on Blair, who was slammed by stars at the Brits. It was also revealed yesterday Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson has told the PM he is opposed to war on Iraq. A life-long Labour supporter, he made his feelings clear to the PM's closest adviser, director of communications Alastair Campbell. Sir Alex and Campbell are friends and the Old Trafford boss says he did not hold back when he made his passionate plea for peace. He was so passionate that Campbell had to try to calm him down. Ferguson, 61, said: "I've told him I'm against this war, absolutely. He told me to calm down." The son of a Govan shipyard worker, Fergie has always been proud of his socialist beliefs. He appeared in a party political broadcast in 1999 and featured on the cover of "Inside New Labour", a magazine for party members. Campbell, meanwhile, has given Ferguson tips on how to handle the media and has provided him with a hotline direct to the PM. A mutual friend said: "Alastair would have listened to Alex's forthright thoughts about a war with Iraq."

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