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U2 Konzert







Vorgruppe / Line-Up

Red Beat, Thompson Twins, Delta 5


Erstmals live gespielt: All Along The Watchtower

Beim Konzert wurden 15 Songs gespielt (ohne Snippets).


Bei All Along the Watchtower wird Bono von Pete Wylie von der Band Wah Heat! unterstützt.

Konzert Berichte

· David Bowman

Konzertbericht von David Bowman

I bought the Boy album, which I thought was such a new and different sound to any other band at the time, and so I was really keen to see U2 live, soon after. It was a great evening, especially as it featured the Thompson Twins, who were unknown at the time, and were a good live band. Of course they became huge not long after. It's a while ago now, so I can't remember the detail, but U2 were great Live, as they are today, and Bono was such a good frontman, always the focus of attention ! He did quite a bit of climbing up speakers and so on that night I think.
The early songs may sound dated now, but they were something special in 1981, and it's been fantastic to see how the band have got better and better as they've grown their music over the years, and reached such a worldwide audience.
I've seen U2 live 2 more times since then, in large arena concerts. Although these have been good, they can't compare to the close up thrill of watching a brilliant band in a small venue like the Lyceum, with probably just a few hundred, other people.