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. DVD Shoot am 20./21. Juli in Mailand !!!
get to be part of a film shoot at the San Siro in Milan tonight and tomorrow. Director Hamish Hamilton, who shot the live DVD releases from Boston and Slane Castle on the Elevation tour, is back with the band in Milan tonight. Hamilton, working with U2's longtime video producer Ned O'Hanlon, will be shooting both shows in Milan for a future DVD release. (He also directed the film shoot in Chicago earlier on this tour. No information on release plans as yet.) 'One of the main reasons for... [100.00% - 26.4kb]

. Vertigo DVD Shoot in Chicago?
News » Vertigo DVD Shoot in Chicago? 30.04.2005 Vertigo DVD Shoot in Chicago? Nachdem der Regisseur der Elevation DVD Boston, Hamesh Hamilton , bei mehreren Vertigo Shows gesehen worden war, erhielten unsere Kollegen von atu2.com nun die Bestätigung, dass er eine DVD Aufnahme plant - vermutlich bereits bei den kommenden vier Shows in Chicago. News geschrieben... [87.59% - 20.6kb]

. Interview with Ralph Larmann
those responsible to only shoot for my book and to not publish them anywhere else and most certainly, I absolutely stick to these agreements. The only way to reach such professional level as a photographer is if you adhere to all the agreements to 100 per cent. For my third photography book, I photographed, for instance, Kylie Minogue's "Aphrodite" exclusively, which was one of those opportunites where I could really shoot the entire show. Usually, you're allowed to shoot during the first... [18.42% - 52.5kb]

. Interview with Anton Corbijn
did you feel when you where shooting but not directing the Elevation video? Anton: Oh that was fine to me. I was just shooting and it was such a big video, so completely foreign to me. I was staying in LA and Bono asked me why don`t you stay a few days longer and take some pictures and I did. My schooling - as you like - in Holland was that I use to only have a few minutes with the artists, so I got very attentive in any situation to take a photograph that looked like my pictures.... [15.41% - 35.2kb]

. Interview mit Kevin Westenberg
California working on a shoot with Norah Jones. My friend Kim is flying into L.A. tonight for the weekend U2tour.de: What do you prefer: to stage-manage rock stars in a studio or shooting them live on stage? Is there a major difference for you? Kevin Westenberg: I MUCH prefer working on "set" shoots in all sorts of locations. When you're traveling with a band or musician to a great location for a special dedicated shoot then everyone is there to focus on... [9.02% - 31.3kb]

. U2 Travel Guide: Joshua Tree National Park
U2 into the desert to shoot some breath-taking pictures. In the expectation that deserts are usually rather hot places, U2 packed several bottles of sun lotion to avoid sun burn. Red noses they got anyway – yet, in contrast to popular wisdom, because of the cold! Or so the tale goes, recalled by Adam in an interview with Propaganda 1997. The band about the Joshua Tree, and how the photo shoot came about: "Tell me about the desert shoot - how did you find the Joshua Tree?" "I still... [6.77% - 15.6kb]

. Ein Tag im Leben des Herrn Edge online
Ihr Euch noch an den Video Shoot am Strand von Miami Beach? Bono filmt The Edge ? Es werden auch Fans interviewt? Am Rande der Vertigo Shows in Miami letzten Herbst passierte dies. Lange wurde gerätselt, ob wir diese einmaligen Aufnahmen je zu Gesicht bekommen werden. Unsere Freunde von atu2.com haben sie jetzt aufgespührt. Den ersten von drei Teilen findest Du HIER oder hier... Update : Und hier ist auch schon Teil 2 und 3.... Und hier ist auch schon Teil 2: Teil 3: ... [6.02% - 21.7kb]

. Anton Corbijn über das U2 Photoshooting
Corbijn über das U2 Photoshooting 06.06.2004 Anton Corbijn über das U2 Photoshooting Auf seiner Webseite berichtet Anton Corbijn kurz über sein Photoshooting (siehe News ) mit U2 in Portugal . So schreibt er auf seiner Webseite " I visited portugal for a good few days at the end of april, early may, to see how that would work as a background for the new U2... [6.02% - 21.3kb]

. Miami - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
Skinny girl in the photo shoot. Freshmen, squeaky-clean she tastes of chlorine. Miami, my mammy. Love the movies, babe Love to walk through movie sets Get to shoot someone in the foot Get to smoke some cigarettes. No big deal, we know the score Just back from the video store. Got the car and the car chase. What's he got inside that case? I want a close-up of that face. Here comes the car chase. I bought two new suits Miami Pink and blue Miami I took a picture of... [5.26% - 16.8kb]

. USA - California - U2 Travel Guide
location for the photo shoot for the album's artwork. He draws a picture of the Joshua Tree, which he had seen in earlier photos, and shows it to Bono. In December 1986 the band finally get on the road to take new photos for the album. Corbijn’s idea, and the fact that usually Joshua Trees grow in groups, but that THE Joshua Tree stands on its own, lead to the album’s title,' The Joshua Tree '. Further mile stones in U2’s US history are the video shoot for 'Where The Streets Have... [5.26% - 15.0kb]

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