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. Life On A Distant Planet - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
Carpet', 'Life On A Distant Planet', 'Lost On The Silent Carpet' und 'Judith' Lyrics "Life On A Distant Planet": Judith? Judith? Can you hear me? Can you see me? Life on a distant Planet Another atmosphere Life on a distant Planet So cold inside of here You can see her But she can't see you You can call her name But she won't even hear you In the morning of the day To the evening D-day and beyond Lost on a silent Planet Two lone, rising stars ... [100.00% - 16.3kb]

. U2 Konzert: xx.06.1978, Dublin - TV Studios
der Song 'Life On A Distant Planet' wurde gespielt. ... [8.65% - 17.6kb]

. Grammy Awards 2007 - kein Preis für U2
Grande Blood [13th Planet Records/Megaforce Records] Eyes Of The Insane Slayer Track from: Christ Illusion [American] 30/30-150 Stone Sour [Roadrunner Records] Category 19 Best Rock Instrumental Performance (For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, without vocals. Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Singles or Tracks only.) Chun Li's Flying Bird Kick Arctic Monkeys [Domino... [8.65% - 82.1kb]

. Die Rückkehr der Klaue
Fotocredit: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium News Navigation » Allgemeine News Christoph 12.04.2018 um 12:10 Uhr Drucken Kommentare Weitere U2 News Neues U2.com Fanclub Geschenk bekannt gegeben! U2 für 4 Billboard Music Awards nominiert Innovativer Pioniergeist und übertriebener Größenwahn - selten lagen diese typischen U2-Attribute so nah aneinander wie bei der futuristischen... [8.65% - 21.8kb]

. U2 Buch: From The Ground Up - Ralph Larmann, Dylan Jones
The biggest show on the planet? The stage as a space ship: An octopus as big as the Ritz The galactic spider: Build it and people will come with their cell phones From Barcelona to Moncton: Around the world in 760 days Second attempt, but right this time: Glastonbury 2011 The long road: From Montreal to finish It is striking that, apart from the titles, the last show in Moncton is not mentioned once. Instead, the two shows in Montreal are emphasized as the important last... [4.32% - 26.0kb]

. Hot Press erscheint als "U2 Croke Park Souvenir Issue"
Greatest Live Band on the Planet" wird auf die ersten Tourneen wie die U2-3 Tour und 11 0'Clock Tick Tock Tour, über Zoo TV- und Popmart Tour bis hin zur aktuellen Joshua Tree Tour 2017 zurückgeblickt.Der Newsletter des Magazins bezeichnet die Ausgabe als "U2 Croke Park Souvenir Issue", diese wird jedoch auch Berichte über andere Musiker enthalten.Die Ausgabe (Vol. 41, Issue 12, July 26) erscheint am 20.07.2017 und ist auch bereits jetzt online zu bestellen ( Link ). Mit Sternchen (*)... [4.32% - 20.1kb]

. Drei Tourpremieren in der zweiten Amsterdam-Show
greatest rock band on the planet", "Everybody is euphoric right now, this is one for the books. What a band, what a show." "All the journos saying their best years are behind them can go SUCK it", "best show of my life, even few of the very best hours of my life. Can't believe it, what a night." Übersetzungen hier ), die Setliste auch: Die Songs Elevation , Until The End Of The World und Bad an der Stelle, wo normalerweise One gespielt wird, feierten ihre vielumjubelte Premiere. Danke... [4.32% - 22.1kb]

. U2 History 1999 - Bandgeschichte
WAYS), Benefizsampler PLANET ELECTRICA:PROTECTION (Song MOFO-Phunk Phorce Mix), PLATIN VOL.6 Sampler (Song SWEETEST THING), B.B.King Best Of Album HIS DEFINITIVE GREATEST HITS (Song WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN), PRIDE-The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra Plays U2 (12 Tracks), Soundtrack FORCES OF NATURE (Song EVERLASTING LOVE) , Jeep Grrlz Maxi CD RE-WIRED (Samples von Wire), U2 Indie Tribute Album WE WILL FOLLOW, Single von MadelynIris (Coverversion von DROWNING MAN), Penn Massala (Coverversion... [4.32% - 25.0kb]

. U2 The Reader - Four Decades of Commentary - Hank Bordowitz Interview
than any one person on this planet - is working on currently. You'll be hearing more from me soon. You used to work for the 'Playboy'. What exactly was your job there? I've been a contributor to Playboy for the last seven or eight years. Never actually worked there - I freelance for them as I do for many other places, like Launch/Yahoo Music, several guitar oriented magazines, a couple of other US "men's" magazines and... [4.32% - 33.8kb]

. Bonos zweite Kolumne in der New York Times
if every living soul on the planet had a fridge and a house and an S.U.V., we would choke on our own exhaust.Lent is upon us whether we asked for it or not. And with it, we hope, comes a chance at redemption. But redemption is not just a spiritual term, it’s an economic concept. At the turn of the millennium, the debt cancellation campaign, inspired by the Jewish concept of Jubilee, aimed to give the poorest countries a fresh start. Thirty-four million more children in Africa are now in... [4.32% - 25.7kb]

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