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. Dave Fanning über Get On Your Boots und das Album
playing their demos on pirate radio more than threedecades ago. Ever since, Dave's got the first play of a new U2 single.We tracked him down at 2FM in Dublin. So you’ve heard the single, which the rest of the world will hear on Monday - first impressions? First impressions is that there’s eleven tracks on the album and ‘GetOn Your Boots’ is the one you’d instantly say is the single. It’s the‘Vertigo’ of the album - although a completely different kind of song.That was a new song which... [100.00% - 27.9kb]

. Piraten-Sampler mit Bono erscheint im August
News U2 News » Piraten-Sampler mit Bono erscheint im August Piraten-Sampler mit Bono erscheint im August zoovation 22.06.2006 um 23:28 ... [100.00% - 25.6kb]

. That's Life - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
puppet, a poet, a pauper, a pirate A pawn and a king I've been up and down and over and out And I know one thing Each time I find myself flat on my face I pick myself up and get back in the race That's life, I tell you, I can't deny it I thought of quittin' baby But my heart just won't buy it And if I didn't think it was worth just one more try I'd roll myself up in a big ball and die I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate A poet, a pawn and a king I've been up and down,... [87.50% - 15.8kb]

. U2 Sideprojects - Alle
· Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys S · Saturday Night Live Volume 5 - 25 Years Of Music (PAL-Version) · Shelter From The Storm · Songs For Japan · Soundtrack zu 'Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man' · Soweto Gospel Choir 'African Spirit' · Stephane Sednaoui - The Work Of Director · Super Bowl XXXVI - New England Patriots Championship T · The 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concerts (CDs) · The 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll... [62.50% - 27.2kb]

. U2 Sideprojects - CDs Einzelprojekt
Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys Bono ist neben weiteren Stars wie Nick Cave, Sting, Lou Reed und vielen anderen an diesem Projekt über Piraten-Balladen, Seemannslieder und Chanteys vertreten. Der U2 Sänger hat für den 43 Song starken Sampler den Track Dying Sailor To His Shipmates aufgenommen. Online Shop : Amazon.de Bono & Alicia Keys - Don't Give Up (Africa) Die Kampagne 'Keep a child alive' gibt Menschen aller Welt die... [62.50% - 50.1kb]

. "An Evening with Gavin Friday and Friends" Update
Gallery' an album of pirate ballads and sea chanteys. There's always this extraordinary twist that he brings - like his tribute to the music of Walt Disney where he had Tom Waits singing 'Hi Ho Hi Ho' and when we did it live, he had me singing the 'Siamese Cat Song' from Lady and The Tramp. I remember turning up one day for a Harry Smith tribute to find Jimmy Scott, the jazz singer, at the piano with Mary Margaret O'Hara and Nick Cave. Two days later we were performing it on stage. ... [50.00% - 28.7kb]

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