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. U2 Konzert: 19.09.1980, Stroud - Marshall Rooms
England Stroud Marshall Rooms Vorgruppe / Line-Up Midnight & The Lemon Boys Tweet ... [100.00% - 20.2kb]

. Bonos Berlin-Rede und Bonos Autogramm
is in part thanks to the Marshall Plan. The United States offered 1% of their GNP for four years. $100bn in today's money to rebuild our ruined continent. It was great for Europe, but it was also great for America. Brand USA never shined brighter. No-one is saying that Africa is the same as post-war Europe. But we need the same audacity, the imagination, and the all-out commitment of a modern Marshall Plan. That was thinking big. In the cold war, the Marshall Plan built a bulwark against... [21.88% - 42.6kb]

. Interview mit Dallas Schoo
not stock at all. I have Marshall capacitors in there, Fender capacitors and resistors. It's totally one-of-a-kind, a real Frankenstein. Edge loves that amp so much and he really relies on it.It's probably more important to him than any guitar."Have you ever had any serious mishaps with it during a show? "Only a few, thank goodness. But any time something happens, it's serious. The worst time was during the Vertigo tour. The audio juststopped - the power stayed on, but there was no output.... [7.14% - 51.7kb]

. U2 Konzert: 27.06.1983, New Haven - Coliseum
Vorgruppe / Line-Up Marshall Crenshaw , The Alarm Tweet ... [3.57% - 19.8kb]

. Artists - Vorgruppen / Support Acts
» Crenshaw, Marshall (1 Konzerte) » Crow, Sheryl (1 Konzerte) D » D.C. Nien (2 Konzerte) » DJ Jon Carter (1 Konzerte) » Dalton Brothers, The (3 Konzerte) » Dara (1 Konzerte) » Dashboard Confessional (8 Konzerte) » De Burgh, Chris (5 Konzerte) » De Dannan (2 Konzerte) » Deep Purple (1 Konzerte) » Delta 5 (2 Konzerte) » Dempsey, Damien (1 Konzerte) ... [3.57% - 83.7kb]

. Neue Kolumne von Bono in der NY Times
was the melody line of the Marshall Plan and it’s resonating again. Why? Because the world sees that America might just hold the keys to solving the three greatest threats we face on this planet: extreme poverty, extreme ideology and extreme climate change. The world senses that America, with renewed global support, might be better placed to defeat this axis of extremism with a new model of foreign policy.It is a strangely unsettling feeling to realize that the largest Navy, the fastest Air... [3.57% - 27.7kb]

. U2 beste Band des letzten Jahrzehnts
Rang an Eminem mit 'The Marshall Mathers LP'. News geschrieben von schlimm am 02.07.2004 um 13:52 Uhr | Allgemeine News | Kommentar ? ... [3.57% - 21.0kb]

. Rolling Stone interviewt Bono
but rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan. The country of Omaha Beach. The heroism of people who gave their lives for people like my dad. I mean, this is the United States of America. And, by the way, whoever fixes that problem gets elected. People say, "Oh, it's all about the economy." This is the first time it's not. It's about turning that idea around. We're the United States of America, and we do not like being seen as the enemy. And it's a wave. I think the next generation is going to... [3.57% - 36.2kb]

. U2 Tour: Boy Tour - Leg 1 (Europe)
19.09.1980 Stroud, Marshall Rooms 21.09.1980 Wollaston, Nag's Head 22.09.1980 London, Marquee Club 23.09.1980 Sheffield, Limit Club 24.09.1980 Birmingham, Bogart's 25.09.1980 Liverpool, Brady's 26.09.1980 Birmingham, Cedar Ballroom 27.09.1980 Coventry, Polytechnic 29.09.1980 London, Marquee Club 30.09.1980 Brighton,... [3.57% - 29.4kb]

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