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. The Human Rights Concerts DVDs/CDs im Handel & als Preis im Adventskalender -...
News U2 News » The Human Rights Concerts DVDs/CDs im Handel & als Preis im Adventskalender The Human Rights Concerts DVDs/CDs im Handel & als Preis im Adventskalender News Navigation » U2 Releases Hans 31.12.2013 um 18:22 Uhr Drucken Kommentare Weitere U2 News Neues 'Ordinary Love' Video veröffentlicht U2 erhalten Sonny Bono... [100.00% - 23.2kb]

. Bono bei Bekanntgabe des 'Human Development Report 2003'
Bono bei Bekanntgabe des 'Human Development Report 2003' 08.07.2003 Bono bei Bekanntgabe des 'Human Development Report 2003' Das Entwicklungsprogramm der Vereinten Nationen (UNDP) hat heute den Human Development Report 2003 veröffentlicht. In dem Bericht zum Stand der globalen Entwicklung heißt es, dass sich in 54 Ländern der Erde die Armut seit 1990 weiter vergrößert... [89.63% - 23.6kb]

. Amnesty International Werbekampagne mit 'One', U2 Vert...
Amnesty International. The human rights group was forced to abandon advertising after broadcasting regulators ruled its opposition to human rights violations made it a political organisation, disqualifying it from TV or radio advertising. Amnesty challenged the ruling and three years ago it finally won a seven-year court battle to be allowed to advertise when the European court of human rights ruled the government ban on political advertising should not apply to the human rights charity. A... [17.01% - 27.7kb]

. u2tour.de Adventskalender 2013 - die Gewinner
je ein Human Rights 6DVD-Set Micha S. aus Bullay Henry L. aus Berlin je ein Human Rights CD-Set Gaby H. aus Bremen Anita K. aus Joensuu, Finnland Jens M. aus Oberursel ... [6.64% - 25.1kb]

. Update: U2-Manager Guy Oseary antwortet Fans zum e+i Tour Vorverkauf
reviewed by a real living human being so we can be certain this isn’t flawed information. We want to be absolutely sure the process of verification does not inadvertently eliminate genuine subscribers in the process of eliminating scalpers. If and when genuine subscribers don’t get the verification email and code, they can contact us and we will work to quickly get them a code. There wasn’t any delay in the issuing of codes, except the group I mentioned above. The Verified ‘experience’... [6.64% - 34.7kb]

. Interview mit Adam Clayton
hoped to underline, which is human rights more than anything else. That is at the core of the show. It's a rock 'n' roll show, but it acknowledges that if you are feeling uncomfortable and unsafe because of the situation in the world today, you're right. We are in very difficult times. Herald: Do you set such a lofty goal as a way to spur yourselves to greater creative heights? Clayton: I'm not sure that's it. The one thing that we've been able to hold onto from when we first started... [6.64% - 24.3kb]

. Ein offener Brief von Bono und Mitch McConnell
blatant abuse of human rights orchestrated by the misnamed State Peace and Development Council, or SPDC, the junta that controls Burma and has even changed its name, calling it Myanmar, is perpetuated by those who look the other way. And on it goes. Last May 30, state agents ambushed Aung San Suu Kyi and fellow democrats in the National League for Democracy, returning her to full imprisonment. She was released to house arrest in September only because of an urgent need for major... [6.64% - 25.2kb]

. U2 starten ihre Vertigo Tour 2005 in San Diego
(mit 'Hallelujah' am Ende) (Human Rights Video) Zoo Station The Fly Elevation (Break) Pride (In the name of love) Where The Streets Have No Name One All Because Of You Yahweh 40 Die Setlist des Konzertes und weitere Infos findet Ihr auch in unserer Tour-Rubrik U2log.com posten ein Interview von Bono & The Edge mit Gerry Ryan von RTE 2FM nach der Show: RTE 2FM’s Gerry Ryan spoke to Bono, The Edge and Paul McGuinness shortly after the band got off stage in San Diego. U2’s... [6.64% - 25.6kb]

. The Crystal Ballroom - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
we’re not always kind The human story is what love leaves behind We’re the ghosts of love and we haunt this place We’re the ghosts of love in every face In the ballroom of the crystal lights Everyone’s here with me tonight Everyone but you Our first chance, is their last dance Our life is shaped by another’s hands Buttoning unbuttoning her Coco dress Stopping and unstopping every cold caress Born for bliss, born for this Every human life begins with a kiss Kissed by every... [5.81% - 16.2kb]

. U2 Sideprojects - Diverse
The Jungle (Guns N' Roses) Human Nature (Michael Jackson) Viva La Vida (Coldplay) Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) With Or Without You (U2) Online-Shop: Amazon.de Amaury Vassili: Canterò Amaury Vassili ist der jüngste professionelle Tenor der Welt. Sein zweites Album „Cantero“ (VÖ: 13.05.) veröffentlichte Amaury Vassili im November 2011 in Frankreich, welches bereits nach wenigen Wochen Platin erreichte und sich mittlerweile über 250.000 Mal verkaufte. Es erreichte... [4.15% - 31.9kb]

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