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. Dr. Paul David Hewson - Ehrendoktor für Bono
Leading Figures to Receive Honorary Degrees at Trinity College Dublin Mr. Paul Hewson (Bono), lead singer of U2 and campaigner for humanitarian rights in the developing world, and Mr. Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament, were among five recipients to receive an Honorary Degree from the University of Dublin (Trinity College) today, Friday 11 July. · Mr. Paul Hewson (Bono) LL.D. (Doctor in Laws) Lead singer of internationally acclaimed rock group, U2, Bono is an outspoken... [100.00% - 23.0kb]

. For Love Or Money?
music. He was awarded an honorary knighthood in December by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and his name has been mentioned as a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize in the British and U.S. press. Business and Idealism Today, Bono joins British Prime Minister Tony Blair and South African President Thabo Mbeki at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, for a panel discussion called ``Delivering on the Promise of Africa.'' The 46-year-old Dublin native, born Paul Hewson, is also... [50.00% - 46.6kb]

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