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. Gangs Of New York - Soundtrack bekanntgegeben, U2 Vert...
Track Listing 1. Brooklyn Heights Part I" - Composed by Howard Shore 2. "Dark Moon, High Tide" - Afro Celt Sound System 3. "Gospel Train" - Silver Leaf Quartet 4. "The Hands That Built America - U2 5. "Shimmy She Wobble" - Othar Turner and the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band 6. "Breakaway" - Sidney Stripling 7. "Signal To Noise" - Peter Gabriel 8. "New York Girls" - Finbar Furey 9. "The Murder's Home" - Jimpson and Group 10. "Dionysus" - Jocelyn Pook 11. "Brooklyn Heights Part II" - Composed... [100.00% - 28.4kb]

. U2 Song im Guinness Buch der Rekorde
Marvin Gaye 40. WUTHERING HEIGHTS: Kate Bush 41. BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW: Kylie Minogue 42. VIENNA: Ultravox 43. SHE LOVES YOU: The Beatles 44. MUSIC: Madonna 45. EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE: The Police 46. LAYLA: Derek and the Dominoes 47. THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL: Abba 48. HEARTBREAK HOTEL: Elvis Presley 49. MY SWEET LORD: George Harrison 50. I’M NOT IN LOVE: 10 cc 51. GOOD VIBRATIONS: The Beach Boys 52. UNCHAINED MELODY: Righteous Brothers 53. BACK FOR GOOD: Take That 54. STAN: Eminem 55.... [33.33% - 28.8kb]

. Interview mit Adam Clayton
to greater creative heights? Clayton: I'm not sure that's it. The one thing that we've been able to hold onto from when we first started out was the feeling that we didn't have all the chops that other bands did. Part of the strength of U2 is that we know that as individuals we don't amount to very much, but collectively we can actually make a difference. We have managed to hold on to that view. Each record is like starting over again. We go in the studio and scratch our heads and... [33.33% - 24.3kb]

. Wild Irish Rose - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
go, These are the dizzying heights that brought me my Wild Irish Rose. Now red is the rose that she layed on my grave. A life is what she wanted and a life I surely gave, Like a hundred men before me, they lay lieing here in rows. Young men, bloody, as a Wild Irish Rose. Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können mit dem RealPlayer (Infos+Download) angespielt werden. Die Hörproben werden mit freundlicher Genehmigung zur Verfügung gestellt von Universal Music Publishing Ltd. ... [29.17% - 15.5kb]

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