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. Veröffentlichung 'Gangs of New York' DVD
auch mit " The Hands That Build America " auch der Titelsong als Video . Es handelt sich hierbei um die Video Version die auch im Fernsehen für einige Zeit zu sehen war. Diese Version enthält neben den bekannten Bildern aus dem Studio auch Filmsequenzen aus dem Film 'Gangs Of New York'. Die Special Edition 2DVD mit dem Video kann bei CD WOW (15 Euro), Amazon (23 Euro) und JPC (25 Euro) bestellt werden. Weitere Infos und Bilder zum "The Hands That Build America" Video sowie zu allen... [100.00% - 21.8kb]

. For Love Or Money?
forced U2 to sell the building, located near a concrete factory, for an undisclosed price as part of a city program to bring businesses and new housing into the area, which had declined economically since World War II. In return to U2 for moving out, the authority promised the band it would provide space for a new recording studio on the top two floors of a 32-story tower it plans to build on the adjacent Britain Quay. Seat on Jury The authority also gave U2 bass guitarist Clayton a... [100.00% - 46.6kb]

. Paul Hewson - Bonos Kindheit und Jugend
construction. We used to build our own houses from bricks lying around the sites." But the death of Iris in 1973 was to prove a cruel blow to Paul - the Hewsons found it tough living in a house without a female influence. Norman said: "I was a bully and I used to fight with my brother all the time." "We went through a particularly difficult time when our mother died." "There was just Dad and us two boys. I was 21 and Paul was 14 - and trying to maintain standards in the house was... [50.00% - 27.8kb]

. Update: U2-Manager Guy Oseary antwortet Fans zum e+i Tour Vorverkauf
as a broker, we will now build in more time for them to be individually reviewed by a real living human being so we can be certain this isn’t flawed information. We want to be absolutely sure the process of verification does not inadvertently eliminate genuine subscribers in the process of eliminating scalpers. If and when genuine subscribers don’t get the verification email and code, they can contact us and we will work to quickly get them a code. There wasn’t any delay in the issuing... [50.00% - 34.7kb]

. Interview with Ralph Larmann
table. I saw the technical build up in New Meadowlands in Newark, NJ. The steel construction had already been set up, then the technical production has been added individually: sound, video and lights. And that happened within one day which was exactly the day of the show. And at night on show day, the entire technical production was removed leaving only the steel construction which then was taken down separately. This is just insane. Well and there was a situation, where, obviously, the... [50.00% - 52.5kb]

. HOTPRESS befragt Paul McGuinness zur kommenden U2 Tour
planning so it’s better to build up to it.” It’s Hot Press’ understanding that U2 will initially announce two Croke Park shows on July 24 and 25, with the option of a third on July 27 if, as expected, those sell-out.Fans hoping for something a little more intimate will be heartened by McGuiness’ observation that: “The new O² in Dublin is not what I would call an arena, it’s an amphitheatre in layout, but it has the same capacity as an arena, and it’s an amazing facility. And this tour is... [50.00% - 25.1kb]

. Bono zu Gast bei CNN's Larry King - Transcript
Sorry, Larry. You're in this building in the Time Warner building we are and there's a canteen. There's people sitting around. While I've been in the canteens in Africa with AIDS activists. Now these are the heroes running up the burning building, these are the firemen running up the burning building. And to discover that they don't have access to these drugs was a real shock to me. And I was there once when a course of drugs arrived that were for one person. And to hear these noble people... [50.00% - 58.0kb]

. Rundum offene Bühne bei der kommenden Tour ?
they were suppose to build a tower there.DL: Well U2 still have there digs in Dublin but I think there is talk about a relocation, but it has not happened yet.AC: With this album were you again the hands on guy, and was Eno the Oblique Strategies boffin in the background?DL: We had a great beginning on this record, Eno and I, with the band huddled up and no holds barred just had a lot of fun for a few weeks trying all kind of angles and jams.We all brought something to the table on... [50.00% - 31.8kb]

. U2 nun auch offiziell für den Oscar nominiert, U2 Vert...
Mit dem Song "The Hands That Build America" zum Soundtrack von "Gangs Of New York" haben die 4 Iren gute Chancen bei der 75. Oscar Verleihung am 23.März 2003 den begehrten Preis zu gewinnen. Weitere Nominierte in der Kategorie Music (Song) sind 'I Move On'(John Lander, Film: Chicago), 'Lose Yourself' (Eminem, 8 Mile), 'Burn It Blue' (Elliot Goldenthal, Frida) und 'Father and Daughter' (Paul Simon, The Wild Thornberrys Movie). Alle Infos zur 75. Oscar Verleihung findet ihr auf der offiziellen... [50.00% - 25.5kb]

. U2 Buch: From The Ground Up - Ralph Larmann, Dylan Jones
Ritz The galactic spider: Build it and people will come with their cell phones From Barcelona to Moncton: Around the world in 760 days Second attempt, but right this time: Glastonbury 2011 The long road: From Montreal to finish It is striking that, apart from the titles, the last show in Moncton is not mentioned once. Instead, the two shows in Montreal are emphasized as the important last big shot before hitting the seven remaining cities. As a result, one could think that the... [50.00% - 26.1kb]

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