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. 'You Bitch! You Bastard!'
» 'You Bitch! You Bastard!' 'You Bitch! You Bastard!' schlimm 10.01.2008 um 10:02 Drucken ... [100.00% - 22.7kb]

. Januar 2008 - / - Seite 1
10. Jan 'You Bitch! You Bastard!' 09. Jan U2 3D: Interview mit Cutter Olivier Wicki 08. Jan Präsident Sarkozy empfängt Bono 07. Jan Bono huldigt Bill Gates 06. Jan Corbijn bringt 'Control' in die Kinos 04. Jan Adventskalender: Verlosung 03. Jan U2 3D - Secret Trailer 03. Jan Bono designt T-Shirt 02. Jan The Who - Gewinnspiel 02. Jan Herbert Grönemeyer - 12 Live DVD mit Bono 02. Jan Kylie... [9.96% - 19.1kb]

. U2 3D: Interview mit Cutter Olivier Wicki
'You Bitch! You Bastard!' ... [3.32% - 21.1kb]

. Bono bei Oprah Winfrey
day, I'm going to get that bastard!' Bono and his wife of 20 years, Ali, just had their fourth child: a baby boy, John. Bono: People thought that having children would chill me out. It made me angrier. You think about the world they are inheriting and the way things are, and it makes me angry. When I saw my child being born, you have a feeling you would do anything to protect that life. It's a dangerous feeling, but one you can put to use by getting politically active and not lying down.... [3.32% - 28.8kb]

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