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. Offizielle Erklärung zur Verzögerung beim GOYB-Videorelease
been removing links to the rogue copy of the 'Boots' video in the last 24 hours. It's not just U2.Com, it's being taken down from everywhere on the web. Word is that everyone was pretty fed up about an unfinished bootleg leaking out before the production team had finished their work. Apparently it's a pretty amazing video they're producing but if you saw that ruff-cut the give-away was the watermark copyright details in some of the images. Turns out there were legal issues involved - and... [100.00% - 22.8kb]

. Bono fordert George W. Bush zum Krieg gegen AIDS auf, ...
that AIDS, as much as any rogue nation, is a grave threat to America's security and the world's stability. It does not have to be this way. Medicines can halve the chance of a mother giving HIV to her child. Anti-retroviral drugs produce something called the "Lazarus effect": A patient can go from death's door back to work within three months. That's quite a return on a dollar-a-day investment, which is what those drugs now cost us. Soon they will cost even less. When I met with President... [100.00% - 30.5kb]

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