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. Watch More DVD - TV-Auftritte von U2 auf DVD
News U2 News » Watch More DVD - TV-Auftritte von U2 auf DVD 08.07.2003 Watch More DVD - TV-Auftritte von U2 auf DVD In diesen Tagen erscheinen zwei neue DVDs, die jeweils einen TV-Auftritt von U2 beinhalten. Zum einen ist seit dieser Woche eine 5-teilige DVD-Serie der TV-Show 'Saturday Night Live' erhältlich. Die Serie umfasst 5 DVDs (einzeln erhältlich) mit den... [100.00% - 23.2kb]

. Q&A mit Bono und The Edge in der U2!
when we were kids we used to watch these films, those Elvis Presley films. And he‘d be, you know, on the train and everyone would start singing. So it feels like we're in an Elvis Presley matinee. It's kind of a dream. But more serious dreams: I would say that we are very very proud to be in this city, in Berlin. Because of it what it represents in the world. It represents people coming together. To be difficult. Everybody together and than opennes. An open spirit to the world, welcoming. The... [45.70% - 40.9kb]

. Morleigh über Irland, Dublin und Bauchtanz
when you love dancing, to watch from the wings. "I was with the tour for about two years and it was great fun, but at times I was quite lonely. "Nothing happened between myself and my partner until the very end and I didn't really know what was going to come of it. We had enjoyed each other's company but I was aware that once the tour was over I was going back to my real life. "As it turned out, we discovered we missed each other when we were apart, so that was it, but it took me a long... [45.70% - 26.6kb]

. U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle, Ireland - The Review
webcam . It's indeed fun to watch it the three songs, but even hardcore fans wouldn`t like to see the entire concert in this format and picture-resolution. Sometimes its even hard to differentiate between a pixel and Larry's head! Nevertheless you can enjoy Bono's run around the heart which is indeed not a daily experience. It also needs to be mentioned that we hear Bono saying at the beginning of Beautiful Day: Now it's two nil! Probably a remark towards the defeat of Holland... [41.24% - 38.8kb]

. Live Version von "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" - U2to...
http://www.myvideo.at/watch/6746555/U2_... ... [19.93% - 22.4kb]

. Welt-Premiere des Videos von "I’ll Go Crazy If I Dont Go Crazy Tonight&q...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmJgdXkAqMU ... [19.93% - 20.5kb]

. Flower Child - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
that you sow You wanna watch them growing Wild, you grow wild You grow wild in my heart Wild, you grow wild You grow wild in my heart Here comes Holy Joe now how would he know How laughter can make a man cruel It's fire on fire and lovers conspire To either a duet or duel When it's fire on fire the flames just get higher The harder you work to put them out Well you know that you're similar sugar and weedkiller Both heading north facing south The seeds that you sow You... [16.84% - 17.0kb]

. Put 'em Under Pressure - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
to be easy for them either Watch, Watch, Watch the people, Watch the people, Watch the people, Watch the people, defense, defense We inflict our game on the people Put 'em Under Pressure, defense, defense, defense, defense You gotta give, you gotta give, you gotta give to win Goal! Put 'em Under Pressure Ole, Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole Ole, Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole We're all part of Jackie's army We're all off to win the league And we really shake them up When we win the... [14.43% - 16.8kb]

. DVD U2 Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago
not something you want to watch over and over again, and except that there is only one video left and 2 screensavers. The bonus disc is pretty disappointing: Considering they've used only half of the DVD's capacity, one can only wonder why they didn't put on more videos or show more clips from the other Chicago shows (which didn't make the cut for the DVD). The small "Easter Egg" doesn't make up for this rather unfruitful piece of art ... Technical Infos The concert on the... [14.09% - 162.5kb]

. Trackliste für Linear
the record, you can either watch it or ignore it. Brilliant! As always, U2 are thinking ahead, not so much having one foot in tomorrow's door, as having built the house to which that door is the entrance. "Bono talked me through the songs and the record as a whole. For the first time he had created characters for this record, and wrote lyrics about their lives or from their perspectives. The record had an essence of time to it, most songs had a number or time references connected to... [14.09% - 24.8kb]

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