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. Are You Gonna Wait Forever? - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
U2: Are You Gonna Wait Forever? Discographie » Song: "Are You Gonna Wait Forever?" Single » Vertigo Live Der Song wurde noch nicht live gespielt. Lyrics "Are You Gonna Wait Forever?": - Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können mit dem RealPlayer (Infos+Download) angespielt werden. Die Hörproben werden mit freundlicher Genehmigung zur Verfügung gestellt von Universal Music Publishing Ltd. Lyrics are... [100.00% - 14.5kb]

. North Star - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
you and me I, I can’t wait any longer for your love I can’t wait, I can’t wait I can’t wait any longer for it I can’t wait any longer for your love To visit me They’re still singing for there when They fly above the covenant It’s not a song of discontent I’ve money Now it’s me that’s spent Here I am, a space cowboy Looking out for love and logic In the universe, yeah, yeah I can’t wait any longer for your love I can’t wait, I can’t wait I can’t wait any longer for... [55.07% - 16.3kb]

. U2 Single: Vertigo
· 2. Are You Gonna Wait Forever? (3:49) U2: Vertigo Pock It Datum: 2004-11-22 Veröffentlicht von: Island/Universal Format: 3" CD Nummer: 988 8185 Land: EU Tracklist: · 1. Vertigo (Single Version) (3:11) · 2. Are You Gonna Wait Forever? (3:49) U2: Vertigo Datum: 2004-11-08 Veröffentlicht von: Island/Universal Format: 5" CD Nummer: CIDX 878/986 818-3 Land: EU Tracklist: · 1.... [41.06% - 19.8kb]

. U2 starten ihre Vertigo Tour 2005 in San Diego
everyone back home, we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been up to.’ Paul McGuiness said the band were in a remarkable good mood and that the concert was a ‘great success’, the band set high standards for themselves and since the rehearsals ‘tonight was the first time it all came together. He seemed a little amused and in awe of the band, joking ‘I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a performer. It’s completely unnatural. I was very proud of them tonight, they are... [28.02% - 25.6kb]

. Dennis Sheehan - Tour Manager (on the road), Project Manager (off the road)
be done straight away. Never wait. Trust your instinct and put your heart and soul into your work, your life and your colleagues and your friends." ... [20.29% - 18.6kb]

. Dave Fanning über Get On Your Boots und das Album
it’s been a really long wait, it is worth the wait. Theywere the biggest band of the eighties, then they dominated the ninetiesand now they’re writing a whole new chapter in another decade - notyoung anymore but still looking very cool. I think of all the 17 yearolds who are going to buy this record and it will only be the third orfourth record they have bought - they’re still right up there. One other song that really stood out for you ? Stand Up Comedy – the nearest thing they’ve... [15.94% - 27.9kb]

. Bono und O'Neill - Reise beendet
that we simply can't wait on any longer. Three million people in this beautiful country are walking around with the death sentence of HIV on their heads. That's as many people as live in my home of Ireland. The AIDS epidemic is acting as the wake up call for us all around the world, to put excuses and old attitudes behind us. So what can we do? First, it is not acceptable that these countries are still servicing old debts. It is not acceptable that Ethiopia, where 62 per cent of adults... [15.94% - 33.8kb]

. Cover des neuen U2-Albums - Alles ein Fake!!!
fans are going to have to wait a while for the new U2 cover, all the old ones are featured in a new Four5One book, Stealing Hearts At A Travelling Show. Limited to 2,000 hardback and 4,000 softback copies, it includes new interviews with Bono, Adam Clayton, Steve Averill and frequent graphic collaborator Shaughn McGrath. Copies priced €55.50 and €38.50 respectively are available from www.four5one.ie/form.asp The Hot Press Newsdesk News geschrieben von Didi am 24.06.2003 um 23:37 Uhr ... [15.94% - 22.8kb]

. U2 The Reader - Four Decades of Commentary - Hank Bordowitz Interview
released now, rather than wait until and exploit the hype that will surround the release of the next album? Well, while we do hope to sell lots of books, it will be nice to sell them on their own merit, as opposed to piggybacking them on a U2 project. But in truth it was just the way things shook out. The contract for the book was signed, the book was done, it was on the release schedule, so it came out. I'm going to keep an eye... [15.94% - 33.9kb]

. U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - Album, Singles, Videos
· Are You Gonna Wait Forever? VÖ: 08.11. (Ö) U2 Vertigo CD Single - Pock-It · Vertigo (Single Version) · Are You Gonna Wait Forever? VÖ: 08.11. (Ö), 22.11. (D) Online Shop: amazon.de U2 Vertigo DVD Single · Vertigo (HQ Video) · Vertigo (Photo Gallery) · Are You Gonna Wait Forever? (Audio) · Vertigo (Jacknife 10" -... [14.49% - 69.8kb]

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