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. Slane Castle (1) Bilder und Sounds
Slane Castle (1) Bilder und Sounds 29.08.2001 Slane Castle (1) Bilder und Sounds Nicht nur hier auf unserer Seiten in der Gallery finden sich Bilder aus Slane Castle sondern unter anderem auch auf den Seiten von mcd.ie und Womanfish.com . Auf der letzten genannten Seite finden sich des weiteren auch ein paar kurze Video- und Audiomitschnitte. Einen weiteren kurzen Review zu... [100.00% - 21.5kb]

. Rundum offene Bühne bei der kommenden Tour ?
It’s got some interesting sounds; I think that there was some pretty good production behind it.DL: Ok. [Laughs]AC: There was some really interesting sounds in that song. It’s kind of like when I first listened to “Achtung Baby” and heard “The Fly” and you think “This is the band that gave us “Pride in the Name of Love” and “With or Without You?” There are some really sophisticated sounds happening here.DL: Yeah it’s a hell of a groove, and some of the sounds were provided by The Edge... [21.03% - 31.8kb]

. Interview mit Dallas Schoo
opening song Breathe; that sounds pretty nice. Then there's a FernandesSustainer that he uses on a new version of Ultra-Violet."I remember you were trying to get them to play that song again for the longest time. [laughs] "Yes, I love that song! For years I've been asking them to do it again. Of course I don't know if I can claim credit for them putting it back in the set or whether they just figured it was time.But they are, and the Fernandes sounds incredible on it."Edge started going... [14.16% - 51.7kb]

. U2 - Songs Of Innocence - Review
no end to love." But what sounds light hearted turns out to be the hard earned lecture of reality and its darker sides: "There is no end to grief. That's how I know there is no end to love.” Best Lyric: Ther e is no end to grief. That's how I know there is no end to love. 04 Song For Someone - Andy Song For Someone initially reminds one of Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own : the acoustic guitar, Larry’s drums... and still, it’s musical miles between... [14.16% - 58.2kb]

. Songs of Experience - eine erste Rezension
Bestandteils ihres Sounds abhanden gekommen - die markante Gitarre. Die versteckt sich, wenn überhaupt vorhanden, ganz weit hinten im Mix oder schafft ausschließlich sphärische Sounds, die man sonst eher Keyboards oder Synthesizern zuordnen würde. Markante Edge-Sounds und tragende Gitarren-Riffs sucht man auf diesem Album vergeblich. Ob das daran liegt, dass gitarrenlastige Musik heute generell kaum mehr im Radio gespielt wird? Oder daran, dass auch Bands wie zB Coldplay oder Maroon... [10.30% - 34.8kb]

. U2 Konzert: 19.03.1980, London - Acklam Hall
Acklam Hall The Sounds Of Ireland Festival Vorgruppe / Line-Up U2 , Berlin , The Virgin Prunes Kommentar U2 treten am dritten Abend des 'The Sounds Of Ireland Festival' in London auf. Das Festival soll irischen Talenten die Möglichkeit bieten, sich zu präsentieren. Tweet ... [6.87% - 18.1kb]

. The Best Of 1990-2000 - U2 Album, Lyrics - Discographie
by Brian Eno. Arcade sounds by Brian Eno. The First Time : Produced by Flood, Brian Eno and The Edge. Mixed by Flood. Assisted by Willie Mannion. Engineered by Robbie Adams. Piano and harmonium by Brian Eno. B-Sides : Lady With the Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix) : Producer: Paul Barrett. Recorded by Ian Bryan. Remixed by Alan Moulder. Dirty Day (Junk Day Mix) : Produced by Flood, Brian Eno and The Edge. Recorded and mixed by Flood and Robbie Adams. Additional... [6.87% - 30.4kb]

. The Edge-Interview mit Mojo Magazine online
and incarnations. It sounds like a U2 album but it doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before and it doesn’t really sound like anything that’s happening at the moment. Can you talk about a couple of specific tracks? There’s a song called Moment Of Surrender, which is seven and a half minutes long. Brian got the ball rolling with a suggestion for some chords and then we made a few adjustments and got to this set of changes that we really liked and then just kicked it off and... [6.87% - 37.8kb]

. "Get On Your Boots" richtiger Name der neuen Single
What’s with allthese new sounds? It took a little while to get used to this versionof U2, but now many (including me) believe that Achtung remains the band’s best record. Zooropa arrived with no noticewhatsoever. It just…showed up on day in May 1993. Bands and labelscould pull those kinds of surprises before the Internet. Funny that Ican’t remember the first single. I think it was "Numb,” but I’m notsure. The unveiling of Pop was a muchbigger deal with a satellite-delivered... [6.87% - 28.6kb]

. Weitere Tourproben - Spoiler
(full band - trying out sounds/arrangment) Band stopped. I left. *8:00pm Unknown (loose jamming with Edge trying out sounds etc.) barely audible outside venue. I left once again. *10:00pm One Step Closer Electric Co. (full version 5-6mins) An Cat Dubh (full version 5-6m) Beautiful Day Miracle Drug Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own (with Scott Walker outro - like SNL) Love and Peace or Else Elevation (live 'woos') (band fooled around with intro) Stuck in a Moment (Bono and Edge... [6.87% - 21.5kb]

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