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. Kommentar von Edge zu den Glasgow Shows
in Scotland. [...] The Scots would have marched on Dublin and strung us up [...] I know the Scots would never forgive us if we didn't play there. There was no way we could miss out Scotland. [...] We always wanted to play in Glasgow. It just took us a while to sort it out. Maybe we shouldn't have left it so long but, because of Bono's dad's health, we had to wait. " Vorgruppe für die beiden Shows in Glasgow wird übrigens die Band "Cosmic Rough Riders " sein. ... [100.00% - 21.3kb]

. Peace Aid - Friedenskonzert mit U2 ?
AID GIG Feb 24 2003 Scots rockers Travis lead the way in plans for anti-war concert Gary O Shea SOME OF Britain's biggest music stars of have vowed to rock Tony Blair's war policy with a massive concert. The artists, led by Scots band Travis, are planning a peace show that could be the world's biggest-ever gig. Travis singer Fran Healy has asked U2, REM and Kylie Minogue to join the protest gig, which organisers want to hold in front of an audience of 500,000 in London's Hyde... [100.00% - 24.7kb]

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