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. U2 bei den Simpsons in der Prime Time auf Pro 7
U2 bei den Simpsons in der Prime Time auf Pro 7 U2 bei den Simpsons in der Prime Time auf Pro 7 Didi 02.08.2007 um 09:33 ... [100.00% - 23.1kb]

. For Love Or Money?
George W. Bush to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern -- to give money to Africa as he is for his music. He was awarded an honorary knighthood in December by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and his name has been mentioned as a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize in the British and U.S. press. Business and Idealism Today, Bono joins British Prime Minister Tony Blair and South African President Thabo Mbeki at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,... [9.64% - 46.6kb]

. Bono hält heute Rede bei der Labour Party Conference
we are. I've come because Prime Minister Blair asked me. He might well regret it. In the larger sense, I'm here as part of a journey that began in 1984-85, with BandAid and LiveAid. Another very talll, grizzled rock star, my friend Sir Bob Geldof, issued a challenge to 'feed the world.' It was a great moment, it changed my life. That summer, my wife Ali and I went to Ethiopia, on the quiet, to see for ourselves what was going on. We lived there for a month, working at an orphanage.... [6.43% - 36.7kb]

. August 2007 - / - Seite 1
U2 bei den Simpsons in der Prime Time auf Pro 7 ... [3.21% - 16.6kb]

. Edge im Q-Magazine
U2 bei den Simpsons in der Prime Time auf Pro 7 Larry Mullen Jr. auf Platz 21 der Drummer-Hitliste http://home.q4music.com/ ... [3.21% - 20.7kb]

. Bono und O'Neill - Reise beendet
and T for transparency. Prime Minister Zenawi, you must respond to civil society if we are to begin a new relationship and a new partnership. It's the beginning of the twenty first century for God's sake. We have to put the past behind us. It's just that time. It was bold and daring and imaginative of the Secretary of the US Treasury to ask me and my DATA colleagues on board. This trip has raised hopes. It would be scandalous to raise hope without delivery. The Secretary knows about... [3.21% - 33.8kb]

. Grammy Interview
of the United States and the prime minister of England your permission to spend your money saving these lives. And how is this cause more urgent than, say, community problems with crime or poverty? We're talking about a holocaust and the same kind of questions you'd be asked if you were a German living at the beginning of the Third Reich. When Jews were being loaded on trains, how did you let that happen? This is like setting dogs on black people in the South in the '50s. How did you let... [3.21% - 41.1kb]

. Vertigo Vorgruppen Specials Part I: KAISER CHIEFS // Verlosung
Postbahnhof 05.05.2005 Köln, Prime 06.05.2005 München, Atomic 05.08.2005 Haldern Festival U2tour.de dankt Universal Records Germany für die freundliche Unterstützung. News geschrieben von Hans am 25.04.2005 um 00:01 Uhr | U2 Vertigo Tour | Kommentar ? ... [3.21% - 22.1kb]

. 'Den Zustand der Welt verbessern' - Webcast
* Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom * Bono, Musician, DATA (Debt, AIDS and Trade in Africa), United Kingdom * Hubert Burda, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Burda Media, Germany * Pat Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Sasol, South Africa * William H. Gates III, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation, USA * Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia * Donald Kaberuka, President, African Development Bank, Tunis * Thabo Mbeki, President of... [3.21% - 22.3kb]

. Popmart DVD nähert sich: Vorbestellungen möglich
U2 bei den Simpsons in der Prime Time auf Pro 7 ... [3.21% - 21.4kb]

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