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. Beyond The Edge: The Story Of The Flag
Bono holding the WHY NOT IN POLAND flag was personally delivered to the Dublin HQ of U2’s Principle Management, together with a petition undersigned by 5000+ Polish fans to bring U2 back to POLAND. Hard to say if that made the 5th of July 2005 happen, but - U2 returned to POLAND during the Vertigo Tour. DIVINE IDEA One fine day in April 2005 while I was watching a TV-documentary about the late John Paul II (the only ever Pope from POLAND, whom Bono mistakenly named "an Italian”), I was... [100.00% - 39.0kb]

. U2 PopMart DVD erneut verschoben
Nun hat auch Universal Poland die Verschiebung bestätigt. Danke an unseren Freund Z.! Mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Verweise sind sogenannte Provision-Links (Affiliate-Links). Wenn du über einen solchen Verweisklick einen Einkauf tätigst, bekommen wir von deinem Einkauf eine Provision. Für dich verändert sich der Preis nicht. ... [36.84% - 20.8kb]

. Lust auf einen Workshop mit Daniel Lanois?
'09 11-12.09.2009 - Poland, Lodz, Toya Studios, Wytwórnia Club. With unquestionable pride we would like to announce that one of the most extraordinary music producers, well-recognized success catalyst of such artists as U2, Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel, great musician, composer and songwriter - Daniel Lanois, arriving to Lodz straight from Canada, will be a special guest of Soundedit Festival '09.During two days festival, Lanois will meet the festival audience at a special and unique... [12.03% - 21.7kb]

. U2 360° At The Rose Bowl = DVD = Blu-ray = Review
and 'Red & White' (Poland). Paying members of u2.com won't find anything new here, but it's still nice to see the clips in a better and bigger format. Particularly impressive are the shots from the fan 'surprise' intervention in Poland, though the sound is nearly unbearable. Breathe (Live At The Rose Bowl - Bonus Track) 'Breathe', the actual opening song of the concert, at least made it onto the disc as a bonus track.... [10.53% - 56.9kb]

. "Love to the people at Hansa Studios last night"
Britain, Holland, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Spain, USA and South America. It started off with an U2-All-Star-Tribute-Band (consisting of members of Elevated and Lovetown , as well as Bono from Achtung Baby ) in the legendary Meistersaal before several DJs entertained the fans with U2 music and U2 videos in the different rooms. Furthermore one could have a look at the pictures painted by Thierry Noir . We were also in the position to give a cheque with the sum of 2.600 Euro ... [6.02% - 26.6kb]

. Grammy Interview
Noooo, that's just invading Poland. (Laughs) There's the rest of the world! I think I want to change the world, and I want to have fun. I don't know anyone who doesn't, by the way. Those two instincts shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Sometimes when you succeed in one area of your life, like music, you think you can apply that same momentum to other things. I suppose that's what I thought. Everything is analogous, in a way. The music industry is not that difficult to figure out. It's not... [6.02% - 41.1kb]

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