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. Bono als "Donald Trump Irlands" ?
excited about getting a piece of real Dublin ", wird der Frontman von nicht genannter Quelle zitiert. http://u2log.com/archive/002734.shtml News geschrieben von Hans am 01.03.2004 um 22:43 Uhr | Allgemeine News | Kommentar ? ... [100.00% - 21.0kb]

. U2 The Reader - Four Decades of Commentary - Hank Bordowitz Interview
to get permission to use the piece. The articles had to be the best (fitting those criteria) that articulated the particular place in the book they occupied; the Ethlie Anne Vare piece beautifully captures the early days of U2 as pin-ups, for example. Some of them were no-brainers. I was ecstatic to find the piece announcing the battle of the band winners that opens the Reader. I was overjoyed when Salman Rushdie, Billie Corgan, Moby and my old buddy... [100.00% - 33.8kb]

. The Edge-Interview mit Mojo Magazine online
really thrilling about a piece that comes together like that, because you really don’t have time to think. There’s something great about that. It’s the purest moment, often, when you don’t have an opportunity to step back and consider anything; you’re just in it. So it’s a trance-y thing? It’s hard to describe really. It’s very 21st Century. It’s a beautiful song, amazing rhythms, great lyrics and [laughs] fantastic guitar playing! And then there’s another one from Fez... [48.98% - 37.8kb]

. From 'Uncool' Beginnings To Superstardom
which is a really odd little piece of music, is No. 1 on the charts. 'With or Without You' - again, an odd, quirky piece of music - is on American radio. It was quite extraordinary. " 'The Joshua Tree' was a crowning moment. We were it." As U2's popularity soared, however, the group's grip on its own destiny began to slip. "You actually lose the run of yourself," Mullen said. "It was a little more than we could take ... 'Rattle and Hum' was one consequence." The film "Rattle and Hum" brought... [48.98% - 38.9kb]

. Rundum offene Bühne bei der kommenden Tour ?
definitely an incredible piece, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.There is another one called “Being Born,” which again has that kind of band vitality. It's one of my favorite pieces on the new record for sure. AC: I can’t wait to hear it! I’ve been told but I'll just ask you: Is it more “Achtung Baby” then “Atomic Bomb?” Or is it more "Pop" then “Atomic Aomb?"DL: I believe this new record scores very high with its innovation. I suppose we can draw some comparisons to “Achtung Baby”... [32.65% - 31.8kb]

. Volcano - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
wanna know You're on a piece of ground above a volcano You were alone Now you're not alone You were alone But now YOU ARE ROCK N ROLL YOU AND I ARE ROCK N ROLL YOU ARE ROCK N ROLL YOU AND I ARE ROCK N ROLL Volcano, you don't wanna, you don't wanna know. Volcano Something in you wants to blow Volcano You don't wanna, you don't wanna know You're on a piece of ground above a volcano Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können mit dem RealPlayer (Infos+Download) ... [28.57% - 16.7kb]

. Interview mit Kevin Westenberg
feel it works well as a piece. I like it. U2tour.de: Does it bother you if fans want to take a photo with you? Kevin Westenberg: No. U2tour.de: Have you ever considered to direct music videos or whole rock shows for your clients (f. i. like some dutch photographer is doing from time to time)? Kevin Westenberg: I´not interested. More of a challenge to produce the perfect still image. U2tour.de: Lots of... [16.33% - 31.2kb]

. Demo-Aufnahmen gestohlen?
two years work lifted via a piece of round plastic. It doesn't seem credible but that's what's just happened to us ... and it was my CD." http://orf.at/ticker/152145.html?tmp=16382 News geschrieben von carpe diem am 15.07.2004 um 12:37 Uhr | HTDAAB Album | Kommentar ? ... [16.33% - 22.8kb]

. Paul McGuinness auf der MIDEM
of digital copies of pieces of music. I have met Steve Jobs and even done a deal with him face to face in his kitchen in Palo Alto in 2004. No one there but Steve, Bono, Jimmy Iovine and me, and Lucian Grainge was on the phone. We made the deal for the U2 iPod and wrote it down in the back of my diary. We approved the use of the music in TV commercials for iTunes and the iPod and in return got a royalty on the hardware. Those were the days when iTunes was being talked about as... [16.33% - 46.0kb]

. Offiziell: Neues Album erst 2009
with a kind of three piece at their heart, the primary colours of rock - bass, guitars and drum. But what we’re about now is of the same order as the transition that took us from The Joshua Tree to Achtung Baby.’ He also mentions that the recording in Morocco was the first time the band have worked in a studio open to the sky: ‘On that track you can hear the sound of a swallows nest close to the building - it’s beautiful.’ Longtime collaborators Danny Lanois and Brian Eno have joined... [16.33% - 25.4kb]

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