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. Belfast-Show nächsten Sommer ? - Die Tourgerüchte häufen sich
an amazing concert at the Odyssey arena next year, I can reveal. The stars are desperate to perform in Belfast as part of a huge World tour that is being secretly planned. Bono and the band have met to discuss the massive tour which will include 100 shows across the globe. And insiders tell me that they are looking at performing at the Odyssey Arena as one of the highlights. My extremely wellplaced source said: "Bono has said that a show at the Odyssey simply must happen this... [100.00% - 23.7kb]

. Grammy Interview
band. Looking back at U2's odyssey — an amazingly strong rise in the '80s, an equally robust but radically different course in the '90s — how do you account for the band's stability and durability in such a fickle and volatile business? Curiosity, I think. Also, an idea that music and friendship are kind of sacraments. Maybe that's over the top, but maybe not. And the sense that we got coming out of punk rock of not turning into monsters through laziness. The gift is not enough.... [33.33% - 41.1kb]

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