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. Bono auf Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD
Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD Bono auf Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD schlimm 25.09.2007 um 10:40 Drucken ... [100.00% - 20.7kb]

. Bono auf Mick Jagger CD
Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD Bono wird mit dem Malaria Award 2007 ausgezeichnet ... [11.11% - 22.7kb]

. Gangs Of New York - Soundtrack bekanntgegeben, U2 Vert...
the most highly anticipated movies of the year, "Gangs of New York". The 18-track compilation is comprised of critically acclaimed artists and songwriters. The premiere single, "The Hands That Built America" performed by Interscope recording band U2 has everyone buzzing about the possibility of it being nominated for "Best Original Song" at the Academy Awards. Another notable track is "Signal To Noise" from Interscope recording artist Peter Gabriel which takes the album further into the upper... [11.11% - 28.4kb]

. "Mary Jane" spricht über das Spiderman-Musical
Will the musical follow the movies or steer closer to the comics? ERW: Yeah, it'll pull some things from the films, butit's based more on the comic book and the origin of Spider-Man evenbefore there was a Spider-Man. So it's going to be a little different.There's going to be old villains and new villains. Wait until you seethe villains. I wish I could tell you who the villain is [laughs]. Ireally wish. CH: Are they villains we've never seen in the comics or the movies? ERW: Um, yeah. But... [7.41% - 25.0kb]

. MP3s der 'Today Show'
guys have written songs for movies before. You've done a lot of things. But Oscar nomination, is that a big deal? BONO: (U2): Yes, for a couple boys from the north side of Dublin, it doesn't get much bigger, really. I mean, you feel like you're breaking into somebody else's house and robbing their furniture, a little bit, because it's not our world, Hollywood. But we're going to go out there and trash the place. LAUER: Good for you. Wreck the joint. It seems strange, if you listen to the... [7.41% - 27.9kb]

. U2 Sideprojects - DVDs Einzelprojekt
Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD Auf der DVD mit dem kurzen Titel 'Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies' ist auch Bono mit einem Gastauftritt vertreten und stellt sein schauspielerisches Talent als Der Pate unter Beweis. Online-Shop : Amazon.com Make Poverty History In Australien lag der Herald Sun am 9. Dezember 06 kostenlos eine exklusive DVD zum "Make Poverty History"-Konzert vom 17. November in Melbourne bei. Neben den... [4.63% - 37.0kb]

. U2 Sideprojects - Alle
Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD · Bono auf offiziellem Bootleg von Pearl Jam · Brüno C · Carved In Stone Volume 2 · CBGB Forever · Charles Bukowski: Born Into This · Corrs - Dreams-the Ultimate Corrs Collection · Craig Armstrong - As If To Nothing D · Daniel Lanois - Here Is What Is · Daniel Lanois - Shine · Darfur Now · Dave Stewart - Songbook, Vol. 1 · David Garrett - Rock Symphonies · Die Fantastischen Vier - Nur Für Erwachsene ·... [4.63% - 27.0kb]

. Bono verfasst Gedicht für Elvis
the bible, firearms, the movies, the office of presidency, junk food, drugs, cars, family,television, jewellery, straight talkin', dirty talkin' gameshows, uniforms, and self-help books.elvis like america, wanted to improve himself.elvis like america, started out loving but later turned on himself.elvis body could not stop moving.elvis is alive, we're dead.elvis the charismatic.elvis the ecstatic.elvis the plastic, elvis the elastic with a spastic dance that might explain the energy of... [3.70% - 26.8kb]

. September 2007 - / - Seite 1
Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies DVD 23. Sep Bono in New York 22. Sep Jacknife Lee vs. U2: neuer Remix 19. Sep U2 Album 'The Joshua Tree' in einer 20th Anniversary Edition - Up... 19. Sep Tribute-Band Achtung Baby veröffentlicht Single "Blue" 17. Sep U2 für einen Q Award nominiert 13. Sep Daniel Lanois Interview 11. Sep "7 Days" - DVDs zu gewinnen 07. Sep PopMart DVD ab heute in den Läden -... [3.70% - 17.9kb]

. Paul McGuinness auf der MIDEM
legitimate online market for movies develops. I think the failure of ISPs to engage in the fight against piracy, to date, has been the single biggest failure in the digital music market. They are the gatekeepers with the technical means to make a far greater impact on mass copyright violation than the tens of thousands of lawsuits taken out against individual file-sharers by bodies like BPI, RIAA and IFPI. To me, prosecuting the customer is counter intuitive, though I recognise that these... [3.70% - 46.0kb]

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