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. Rundum offene Bühne bei der kommenden Tour ?
there?DL: We started in Fez Morocco because we wanted a musical and exotic location. One of my first conversations with Bono was one about future hymns—spiritual songs for the future—and he was at the opinion that Morocco would be a great crossroads for a universal feeling for the album.AC: Did it work?DL: I think it worked, it set a lovely tone. But the funny thing is everything sounded a little more Moroccan without even ever being to Morocco. So just by having the thought in our heads, it... [100.00% - 31.8kb]

. Offiziell: Neues Album erst 2009
off. Following sessions in Morocco, in Dublin and through the summer in France, the band have written ‘fifty or sixty’ tracks. And counting. ‘We’ve hit a rich songwriting vein,’ he explains. ‘It gets a bit dark down here but looks like we've found diamonds not coal. I thought a while back we might have the album wrapped by now, but why come up above ground now if there's more priceless stuff to be found? For now, they’re keeping a promise they made to themselves when they started writing:... [28.92% - 25.4kb]

. Rolling Stone berichtet über "No Line On The Horizon"
South of France and Fez, Morocco — with Eno and Lanois playingkeyboards and guitar, respectively. "We start simple, we get complicated, and then we re-simplify it," saysEno, as he tweaks on his computer what he estimates to be the 80thincarnation of a song called "Breathe." "It's been a longer process,but I think it's compositionally stronger than anything they've donefor a long time." That said, Eno is irked that the band has droppedsome of the more contemplative and sonically adventurous... [9.64% - 25.4kb]

. The Edge-Interview mit Mojo Magazine online
another one from Fez [Morocco, where U2 recorded in May/June ’07]. Similar kind of situation, in a session where we’re just trying out ideas and this piece of music just came through and we all knew at the time that it was good. It seems to be everyone’s favourite or second favourite tune on the album. It’s called Unknown Caller. Can you hear the influence of Fez? To some degree. A couple of the tunes were recorded there. We had some local percussionists come down one day – but... [9.64% - 37.8kb]

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