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. U2 starten ihre Vertigo Tour 2005 in San Diego
were in a remarkable good mood and that the concert was a ‘great success’, the band set high standards for themselves and since the rehearsals ‘tonight was the first time it all came together. He seemed a little amused and in awe of the band, joking ‘I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a performer. It’s completely unnatural. I was very proud of them tonight, they are better than ever.’ (Thanks to PL for Bono’s part of the interview) News geschrieben von björn am... [100.00% - 25.6kb]

. U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle, Ireland - The Review
this concert is the perfect mood the band was in on this evening. What seemed somewhat artificial and nervous in the Boston show, you can see much better here - the band enjoyed playing a second time in front of such a crowd at Slane Castle. Maybe it's the fact that it was not planned to release this concert for sale. Some incidents before the shows made both Slane concerts very emotional . The huge crowd brings a terrific spirit to the homes of all U2 fans, and the... [30.30% - 38.8kb]

. U2 - Songs Of Innocence - Review
from 01:30 changes the mood, makes it dark and claustrophobic, and in the lyrics, multiple signs take us to a more broken reality. With Bono’s voice keeping its calm, if not narcotic mode, we nearly miss the lyrics. "Hope is where the door is. When the church is where the war is. Where no one can feel no one else's pain" makes us guess at what terrible secrets are hiding behind these walls. A guitar solo at the end gives us opportunity for reflection, and speculation. The song... [24.24% - 58.1kb]

. U2 heute abend in Uniondale
/ Well we're all in the mood for a melody / And you've got us feeling alright (Billy Joel, Piano Man) Auf unserer lIVE SEITE mit Twitter-Feed und Chatbox könnt ihr euch rund um die Uhr über die aktuellen Geschehnisse informieren. Um immer zeitnah informiert zu werden empfehlen wir U2tour.de auch auf Instagram , Twitter , Facebook zu folgen, sowie unseren Newsletter zu abonnieren! Mit... [12.12% - 22.7kb]

. Wird es in kurzer Zeit zwei neue Alben geben?
we’re going to see where the mood takes us. But it’s not like we have to start afresh. We have five or six songs on that album. We have about 12 on the Songs Of Ascent, plus The Edge and myself have written Spiderman: The Musical — that’s nearly done. It’s been an incredible time as songwriters ... If you’re going to go out on the road, you have to have songs that have the attitude and the ambition to play in a venue like (the Rogers Centre), because if they haven’t got it, you’re not going to... [12.12% - 28.9kb]

. Bonos Kolumne in der NY Times
in a pint glass.Interesting mood. The new Irish money has been gambled and lost; the Celtic Tiger’s tail is between its legs as builders and bankers laugh uneasy and hard at the last year, and swallow uneasy and hard at the new. There’s a voice on the speakers that wakes everyone out of the moment: it’s Frank Sinatra singing "My Way.” His ode to defiance is four decades old this year and everyone sings along for a lifetime of reasons. I am struck by the one quality his voice lacks:... [12.12% - 27.6kb]

. Natalie Imbruglia: "U2 haben mich am meisten insp...
"for the way they captured a mood, rather than focusing in on the specific," she says. "The Joshua Tree is my favourite. It sounds like the desert, and they captured a moment in time of exactly how they were feeling. It's just so cool." » http://www.guardian.co.uk/friday_review... | 19 Jul 2002 @ 16:49 von Honey | Allgemeine News | Kommentar ? News melden: Webformular Archiv: 2007 Juni 2007 Mai 2007 April 2007 März 2007 Februar 2007 Januar 2006 Dezember 2006 November 2006 Oktober 2006... [12.12% - 24.7kb]

. Rolling Stone interviewt Bono
a fractional present. No one mood predominates. What would be easier for you at this point, giving up U2 or your anti-poverty work? I can't live without music. I don't think I physically could live without music, because it's the thing that allows me to feel normal. It's like asking a psychotic person to do without their lithium, OK? [Laughs] But there are people out there whose lives are dependent on people like me who have access to agents of change, and I would have to take a big,... [12.12% - 36.1kb]

. The Edge-Interview mit Mojo Magazine online
everyone was in a great mood and we got some great shit out of it. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t have to go off and write as U2. Bono and I did a lot of work on material on our own as well, but it was those sessions that set the tone for the album and they wouldn’t have panned out as they did if we hadn’t asked Brian and Danny to co-write with us. After a couple of straight-ish rock records in All That You Can’t Leave Behind and How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb , was it time... [12.12% - 37.8kb]

. U2 360° At The Rose Bowl = DVD = Blu-ray = Review
more dampen the audience mood somewhat, before the beautifully played 'The Unforgettable Fire' opens the visually most exciting part of the evening. Even on TV the extendable stage screen is impressive, and reflects the live experience of the tour well. 'City of Blinding Lights' and 'Vertigo' are a blast, and the segment is rounded up by probably the best live song of the tour, the remix version of 'I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight' - though it causes quite a few baffled... [10.61% - 56.8kb]

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