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. 'Rolling Stone' Leser küren U2 zur besten Band 2004
Artist - ALICIA KEYS Best Hip-hop Artist - OUTKAST Best Hip-hop Producer - THE NEPTUNES Best New Artist - VELVET REVOLVER Best Dressed - GWEN STEFANI Most Welcome Comeback - PRINCE http://www.rollingstone.com/ News geschrieben von zoovation am 14.01.2005 um 16:23 Uhr | Allgemeine News | Kommentar ? ... [100.00% - 21.9kb]

. N*E*R*D gewinnen Shortlist Music Prize
hat. N*E*R*D haben sich als Hip-Hop Produzenten-Team und als Remixer (u. a. No Doubt, Moby, Sade) 'The Neptunes' einen Namen gemacht, und sind, mit Sänger, in der derzeitigen Formation ebenso erfolgreich. » http://www.u2tour.de/news/article672.html » http://www.nme.com/news/103360.htm | 30 Okt 2002 @ 18:22 von Honey | Allgemeine News | Kommentar ? News melden: Webformular Archiv: 2007 Juni 2007 Mai 2007 April 2007 März 2007 Februar 2007 Januar 2006 Dezember 2006 November 2006... [50.00% - 24.9kb]

. Bericht und Bilder des Duetts 'The Edge' & 'Wyclef Jea...
themselves proper on the hip-hop map. Man what a night it was, and we can easily say that this was the best of all the Witnness gigs to date. Big shouts out to Creative Controle and Stevie G who set pulses racing and raised the stakes for Mr Jean, who did not fail to blow us all away with his Refugee stylee. And if that wasn’t enough, the night’s biggest secret saw Wyclef perform with The Edge on stage. Together they rocked through a medley of U2 classics, and a dub version ‘Knocking on... [50.00% - 31.9kb]

. MP3s der 'Today Show'
of pop songs, rock songs, hip-hop, but it's best when a song grows out of the characters and the story as Edge said. I mean, it is tricky working with Scorsese. He said, you know, 'Could you write a song starts in 1861 and ends in 20 02?' Yeah, sure. LAUER: Yeah. How much time do we have? BONO: But we do--you know, we--we--we--we went at it old school with a respect for those people, like score almost. It was like a song as--as score. LAUER: Well, you've--you've said in the past that the... [50.00% - 27.9kb]

. Hall Of Fame Clip und Berichte
when this room is full of hip-hop and pop artists, that they will enjoy joining the diverse list of talent that the Hall of Fame recognizes. It took many people to get this band here tonight, and I would like to thank some of them personally: Paul McGuinness, Ann-Louise Kelly, Ellen Darst, Keryn Kaplan, Sheila Roche, Regine Moylett, Barbara Galavan, Susan Hunter, Trevor Bowen, Gavin Friday, Chris Blackwell, Anton Corbijn, Steve Lillywhite, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno, Jimmy Iovine, Doug... [50.00% - 45.5kb]

. Grammy Interview
the road and rubs up against hip-hop and country. I like radio stations like that. I like MTV for that reason. And that's what the GRAMMYs is. It's not in its own ghetto. All That You Can't Leave Behind came out before Sept. 11, 2001, but took on extraordinary resonance after the terror attacks, especially in the context of the Elevation Tour. How did you finesse the delicate dance between tragedy and entertainment? I often feel we may have Tourette's Syndrome. The thing you're not... [50.00% - 41.1kb]

. Rock Bands sind Bono zu wenig erfinderisch
the 21st century very well. Hip-hop is more innovative, though there is the sense that that might about to change with the White Stripes, The Thrills, with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club coming along... " Vielleicht entrosten U2 den Rock ja selber mit ihrem neuen Album. Mit den dazu passenden Ankündigungen bei Interviews geht Bono ja nicht gerade spärlich um. Nächstes Jahr wissen wir wohl mehr ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/news/altnew... News geschrieben von Daniel am 07.10.2003 um... [50.00% - 21.2kb]

. Kite - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
of the rocks stars When hip-hop drove the big cars In the time when new media Was the big idea What was the big idea Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können mit dem RealPlayer (Infos+Download) angespielt werden. Die Hörproben werden mit freundlicher Genehmigung zur Verfügung gestellt von Universal Music Publishing Ltd. Lyrics are currently published under a provisional licence granted by Universal Publishing. All lyrics listed on this site are owned by their... [43.75% - 17.5kb]

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