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. Edge auf Platz 24 bei "The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time"
24 bei "The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time" 29.08.2003 Edge auf Platz 24 bei "The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time" In der Titelstory "The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time" der aktuellen Ausgabe des amerikanischen Rolling Stone belegt The Edge in der Rangliste der grössten Gitarristen aller Zeiten Platz 24 . Auf Rang 1 landete übrigens fast... [100.00% - 21.6kb]

. Die Stones, U2 und Australien
Charlie Watts, 60 and the guitarists Keith Richards, 58, and Ronnie Wood, 54, arrived in typically flamboyant style, by airship to a park in the Bronx. Most Rolling Stones tours are organised to promote a new album, but this one will be linked to a forthcoming greatest hits compilation. The tour starts in Boston on September 5 and will consist of 32 dates in the United States and Canada, before heading to Europe, Australia, Mexico and the Far East in 2003. No details of the Australian leg... [6.64% - 26.6kb]

. Hall Of Fame Clip und Berichte
Young, Pete Townshend -- guitarists who defined the sound of their band and their times. If you play like them, you sound like them. If you are playing those rhythmic two-note sustained fourths, drenched in echo, you are going to sound like the Edge, my son. Go back to the drawing board and chances are you won’t have much luck. There are only a handful of guitar stylists who can create a world with their instruments, and he's one of them. The Edge's guitar playing creates enormous space... [3.32% - 45.5kb]

. Morleigh über Irland, Dublin und Bauchtanz
one of Dublin's most famous guitarists, but she will never call Anna Livia her home. It's nine years since the dark-eyed American beauty moved to Ireland to live with her partner, U2 guitarist The Edge. And although she has great affection for the Irish capital, the professional dancer and choreographer in her still finds it hard being so far away from her native Los Angeles. "The thing that really struck me when I first came to live here was how provincial the city was. It was just so... [3.32% - 26.6kb]

. MusiCares - Behind The Scenes
there aren't many wonderful guitarists in New York, but Rob went out on a limb and a gut feeling to have me be involved. He was familiar with me from some years ago and had a sense of the essence of my style of playing. Phil Ramone, the legendary record producer was producing the show and was swayed by Rob's pitch for my presence. The rest of the bandmembers were, Rob Mathes (musical director, guitar, piano, arranger), Shawn Pelton (drums), Tom Barney (bass) and Philippe Saisse (keyboards,... [3.32% - 35.3kb]

. August 2003 - / - Seite 1
24 bei "The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time" 29. Aug Offizieller U2-Kalender 2004 27. Aug Die U2 Bücherecke auf U2tour.de 26. Aug Bono und The Edge an der Cote d'Azur 26. Aug Verwirrung um das "Duett" Bono & Nancy Sinatra 25. Aug "Peter & The Wolf" Webseite online 25. Aug Karten für Lovetown-Show zu gewinnen 25. Aug U2 live im Phoenix Park 2004 ? 23. Aug Bonus Material auf der Slane... [3.32% - 18.1kb]

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