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. Beyond The Edge: The Story Of The Flag
to obtain tickets for the Cologne shows, I wanted to display that national disappointment to U2. On the 10th of July 2001 (remember that date), minutes before my departure to Germany, I decided to paint a "WHY NOT IN POLAND" sentence on my Polish flag. As they say nothing happens by chance... On that unforgettable night in Cologne on 12th of July 2001, a last minute change in the setlist meant that U2 played New Year's Day (instead of the planned Discotheque). (Photo 2 - Setliste Köln... [100.00% - 38.1kb]

. U2 Talk&Unplugged - eine Nachlese und der gesamte Talk exklusiv
Because they performed in Cologne, you know?!Cologne or Duesseldorf, I know. [laughter and a bit of banter] [Bono] I know, it's unforgivable. Because if you think of the people who were so important to us that came out of Duesseldorf [laughter] You're laughing. But the most important characters, Conny Plank, the musical genius, the band Kraftwerk was hugely important for us. The first gift I gave to my now-wife, my then-girlfriend - my lover's gift was Kraftwerk "Mensch-Maschine" So,I... [100.00% - 37.8kb]

. Thank you, Germany! Photos, Video und Rede von Bono beim Echo Award
Germany eight years ago, in Cologne, when people who normally don’t stand together, stood together for the world’s poor. It’s true, it was at the G8 meeting in Cologne in 1999 - Stammtischler hanging out with Akademikern, punk rockers hanging out with priests, seriously ... Die Toten Hosen and Radiohead linked arms with church people, the holy father John Paul wore my sunglasses - amazing things were happening. People came from all over Germany to link arms and made a chain around the city... [100.00% - 23.3kb]

. Wären U2 heute möglich?
State of Music A debate at Cologne’s Pop Komm music conference brought industry experts together to discuss the implications arising from the influx of manufactured pop personalities on, well, other manufactured pop personalities. The title of the discussion, 'U2 would not be possible today', said it all. On Thursday afternoon, record executives and industry experts gathered at the 14th annual PopKomm music trade fair in Cologne to discuss why. In the spotlight were the record executives... [100.00% - 26.8kb]

. Bono hält heute Rede bei der Labour Party Conference
anything. I stood in Cologne, with how many thousands of people. We got that announcement on debt cancellation which now means that three times as many children in Uganda are going to school. Finish what you started in Cologne. Thank you for last weekend, Gordon. And trade. Our badge of shame. We in the rich countries shuffle the poorest into a backroom, tie their hands and feet with our conditionalities and then use our subsidies to deliver the final blow. We have to reform the... [100.00% - 36.7kb]

. Oktober 2015 - / - Seite 1
night, what a city: Goodbye Cologne, goodbye Germany! 17. Okt U2 zurück in Deutschland: Erste Nacht in Köln 17. Okt U2 bei TFI Friday 16. Okt Good News: Deutsche Version vom Cedarwood Kinderbuch wieder verfügbar! 15. Okt Aftershow Event am Samstag Abend in Köln 14. Okt Zweite U2 Show in Antwerpen 13. Okt U2 in Antwerpen #1 13. Okt Ein Jahr ist nicht genug (oder: die Fortsetzung der Tour) 13. Okt A Close Look: U2... [50.00% - 19.3kb]

. Bonos Berlin-Rede und Bonos Autogramm
started something great in Cologne in 1999. Let's finish it. History will be a much bigger pain in the arse than I ever could be if we miss this opportunity. For a half a percent of our GNP, that is half a percent of the wealth of wealthy nations, we can stop the deaths of hundreds and thousands, indeed millions, of people dying for the lack of drugs we take completely for granted. Now a lot of you are business people: that's a hell of a return on investment, isn't it? Up the road, the... [50.00% - 42.6kb]

. U2 Konzert: 18.10.2015, Köln - Lanxess Arena
night, what a city: Goodbye Cologne, goodbye Germany! Vorgruppe / Line-Up Keiner Konzert Fotos ... [50.00% - 41.0kb]

. Europa Tour Daten veröffentlicht
Schweden 12.07.01 - Cologne, Arena (Köln) 15.07.01 - Munich, Olympiahalle (München) 17.07.01 - Paris, Frankreich 21.07.01 - Imola, Italien 23.07.01 - Zürich, Schweiz 26.07.01 - Wien, Österreich 27.07.01 - Wien, Österreich 29.07.01 - Berlin, Waldbühne 31.07.01 - Utrecht, Niederlande 05.08.01 - Antwerpen, Belgien 08.08.01 - Barcelona, Spanien 11.08.01 - Manchester, England 14.08.01 - Birmingham, England 18.08.01 - London, England 25.08.01 - Slane Castle, Irland (Open Air) Die ersten... [50.00% - 25.2kb]

. U2 Travelguide: Mercedes-Benz Arena
after the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. The arena was renamed Mercedes-Benz Arena in July 2015. The band has paid its visit to the arena twice: On February 21st, 2009 U2 performed their newly released single "Get On Your Boots" at the Echo Awards, while a couple months later on November 5th, the band accepted the "Best Liveact" award at the MTV EMA's an hour after playing a short gig in front of the Brandenburg gate. During the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, U2 will visit the arena for four shows... [37.50% - 14.6kb]

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