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1. DVD U2 Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago
concerts (dating 9th and 10th of May) from the Vertigo tour. The footage used comes primarily from the 10th of May (Bono's birthday), though there are some exceptions. The setlists of those two nights are almost identical with only the final song being different ('40' on the 9th and 'Vertigo' on the 10th; '40' was used for the DVD). The recording is almost complete with only 'Party Girl' missing on the DVD, which was played on both nights. The concert starts off with a very short 'Wake up'... [100.00% - 162.5kb]

2. Mehr Infos zum neuen Album
B.V. Filmed on 9th and 10th June 2004 at HQ, Dublin, Ireland Die zweite Single (wie schon im August berichtet ) wird am 5. Februar 2005 erscheinen, eine dritte Auskopplung aus dem Album soll dann am 16. Mai 2005 folgen. U2log.com vermelden, dass City of Blinding Lights ursprünglich "Firefly" hieß und war auch schon mal als Track für den "Spiderman 2"-Soundtrack angedacht. In den nächsten Wochen sollen verschiedene Musikvideos in Dublin gedreht werden und Proben für die ... [24.24% - 25.4kb]

3. Beyond The Edge: The Story Of The Flag
to U2. On the 10th of July 2001 (remember that date), minutes before my departure to Germany, I decided to paint a "WHY NOT IN POLAND" sentence on my Polish flag. As they say nothing happens by chance... On that unforgettable night in Cologne on 12th of July 2001, a last minute change in the setlist meant that U2 played New Year's Day (instead of the planned Discotheque). (Photo 2 - Setliste Köln 12.07.2001 ) My flag right there, at the right side of the heart-shaped catwalk,... [24.24% - 36.5kb]

4. "An Evening with Gavin Friday and Friends" Update
Friends, on Sunday October 10th at Carnegie Hall in New York, is curated and produced by Hal Willner, someone with an unrivalled track ecord in one-off musical events inspired by maverick artists from Leonard Cohen to Kurt Weill, Tim Buckley to Thelonius Monk. Gavin, of course, has been hanging out with the members of U2 since before they were the members of U2 and is invariably to be found with them in the studio when an album needs to be finished... or out on the road, when a tour is... [12.12% - 26.2kb]

5. Glastonbury - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
I was packing since the 10th of May A few distractions along the way Pale as snow The flowering rose For a flowering rose I would bend my knee Came to find The flowering rose The flowering rose of Glastonbury You are A pocketful of sunshine You are The miracle I came here to find Some things you just can’t control Sometimes you just have to go This morning, it was heaven-sent And music is a sacrament You’re pilgrims on a mountain green You knew it but I’d never... [10.61% - 16.0kb]

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