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. Elvis Presley And...Bono
Records that centers on a one-disc retrospective of the artist's top hits -- akin to Capitol's Beatles retrospective, "1." The album, "ELV1S 30 Number one Hits," is set for a late October release on RCA. It will be the first time Presley's 30 No. 1 singles have been assembled on one CD. The new four-disc boxed set "Elvis: Today, Tomorrow & Forever" (RCA) debuted at No. 21 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart this week. -- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y. ©Billboard | 05 Jul 2002 @ 18:07 von Honey |... [41.35% - 26.5kb]

. From 'Uncool' Beginnings To Superstardom
Jim Henke. As Rolling Stone magazine's music editor in the '80s, he was one of the first American journalists to champion the band. U2 is "very serious about rock 'n' roll," Henke said. The U2 retrospective occupies the top three floors of the museum, replacing the popular John Lennon exhibit. Two dozen U2 photographs by Anton Corbijn, the group's de facto visual biographer, fill the fourth floor. Those will come down in May to make room for artwork by Steve Averill, the band's longtime... [41.35% - 38.9kb]

. Frage und Antwort
Edge. Larry, so you're the one whose responsible for all this. Are there mornings you wake up and regret posting that notice so many years ago? Larry: Not realy, because I would have had to fill the time with something else. I still love being in U2 but those mornings of regret are usually when there's not enough of being in a band in the work I have to do. If you could have only one book, which one would you choose? Bono: Take a wild guess, it's the greatest story ever told. Hey boys,... [41.35% - 33.3kb]

. Wird es in kurzer Zeit zwei neue Alben geben?
the scenario was that one of the world’s biggest music stars and his equally famous bandmates — guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. — had just visited 102.1 The Edge radio station, drawing dozens of fans for the last-minute appearance. And I ended up talking to the singer, resplendent in a denim ensemble and tinted glasses, in the backseat of his car, en route to Thursday night’s second show by U2 at the Rogers Centre.The only others with us were his... [39.00% - 28.9kb]

. Interview mit Dallas Schoo
toppy - like the AC30, it's one of the most important components of his sound. So I told him, 'Let me look around. I'll find some amazing replacements,' and I came up withthree 1976 Explorers, all with the natural finish."The right ones are hard to find because Gibson had two different Explorers in production that year. The ones that were produced from June through December had a thin neck, but the models that were produced during the first part of that year had a thick baseball bat neck.... [39.00% - 49.3kb]

. Rehearsals in Chicago: Freitag
Blue Room again, more than one take - one from last verse, then Bono sang an Amazing Grace snippet - Where The Streets Have No Name - one from last verse again - Amazing Grace snippet again after one, led into Streets' intro - Your Blue Room another couple of times - Edge started Unknown Caller's intro but was cut off; Bono thanked the neighbourhood. Mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Verweise sind sogenannte Provision-Links (Affiliate-Links). Wenn du über einen solchen Verweisklick einen... [39.00% - 20.2kb]

. U2 The Reader - Four Decades of Commentary - Hank Bordowitz Interview
I tried to avoid using any one writer more than twice. Since Rolling Stone, Hot Press and NME have all put out U2 books, I avoided anything that came from those magazines. I had to be able to get permission to use the piece. The articles had to be the best (fitting those criteria) that articulated the particular place in the book they occupied; the Ethlie Anne Vare piece beautifully captures the early days of U2 as pin-ups, for example. Some... [39.00% - 33.9kb]

. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2 Album, Lyrics - Discographie
From Your Table 09 One Step Closer 10 Original Of The Species 11 Yahweh 12 Fast Cars (Bonus Track) U2: "HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB" BONUS-DVD · U2 Interview mit Neil McCormick · Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Studio Performance) · Crumbs From Your Table · Vertigo (Temple Bar Mix) · Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Acoustic Couch) · Vertigo (HQ Video) Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können via Spotify abgespielt werden. ... [39.00% - 26.7kb]

. DVD U2 - Zoo TV Live From Sydney
a lucrative contract with one or another hair spray and gel company » Adam was surprisingly blonde, and Larry really needed a haircut » Edge should have started dancing with that belly dancer a bit earlier – they got married in 2002 » It’s nice to see that no one in the audience is fiddling around with their mobile phones or digital cameras all the time » Bono was still able to sing the higher parts of the songs without problems » 'Streets' began drenched in red light... [39.00% - 63.3kb]

. Interview mit Kevin Westenberg
world instead of the usual ones, who take pictures of U2? Yes, there are. Kevin Westenberg has absolutely no reason to hide hisself behind a curtain when being compared with other big names in that business as he is surely a big name as well: If you look at his client list you’ll notice fast, that Westenberg has worked for so many well known world-famous musicians that our irish rockers U2 can defenitily be seen as just another on his long client list. I’m sure that almost everyone of... [39.00% - 31.2kb]

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