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U2-Schlagzeuger Larry Mullen Jr. hat sich heute in einem offenen Brief auf U2.com bei den Fans für das Chaos rund um den Verkauf der Tickets und die Mtgliedschaft bei U2.com entschuldigt. Seit heute ist es zudem möglich sich seine Mitgliedschaft und die bezahlten 40 US-Dollar erstatten zu lassen. Lest Larrys Brief hier:

An open letter from Larry Mullen This is not something that I would normally do, but I feel that I have to do something to redress this situation. There was a mess up in the way the tickets were distributed through U2.com for the Vertigo pre-sale. Some of it was beyond our control, but some of it wasn't. I am now in the process of figuring out a way of distributing the tickets for our intended return to North America in the fall. The only fair way of doing this, is to give U2 Propaganda members, who are now U2.com members, priority in the queue. After that, people will be given priority in the order in which they joined. Many people who joined U2.com and didn't get tickets are understandably angry. They now have the option to get a full refund of their subscription fee. The idea that our long-time U2 fans and scalpers competed for U2 tickets through our own web site is appalling to me. I want to apologise to you who have suffered that. If your U2.com pre-sale experience has left you disappointed, I hope this will go some way towards reassuring you of our total commitment to our audience. Slainte Larry. By the way, a note to those so-called U2 fans who are quick to accuse U2 of unseemly behaviour, I've only got two words for you... [url=http://www.u2.com/refund.php] Click here for information on a refund.[/url]

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